flame flower

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a plant of the genus Kniphofia having long grasslike leaves and tall scapes of red or yellow drooping flowers

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The more difficult kind is tropaeolium speciosum, known as the flame flower.
catenatus), Blanding's and wood turtles (Emydoidea blandingi and Clemmys insculpta, respectively), Persius dusky wing butterfly (Erynnis persius), and plants such as the prairie flame flower (Talinum rugospermum) and sand violet (Viola fimbriatula).
If you are looking for something a bit more permanent then another cousin, the Scottish flame flower, Tropaeolum speciosum, is a hardy, perennial climber which will reach 10ft or so.
EIP has contracted with TNC to initiate a massive restoration effort that is expected to bring the land back to its rich native wet forest state that could support more than 20 rare, threatened, or endangered species including Henslow's sparrow, mud salamander, parrot pitcher plant, pine woods lily, and bog flame flower.
Those with roots that spread just below the surface are also propagated in the same way, among the best of these, the Tree Poppy (Romneya) and the Flame Flower (Tropaeolum speciosum).
KNOWN as the Scottish flame flower, this slender climbing plant is an upmarket relative of the common nasturtium.