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in a fancy colorful manner

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Flamboyantly donning some gas generator-powered Christmas lights and WiFi, I asked him what in the world he was doing, door open near midnight during the historic freakstorm.
Lai Hsien-cheng, a stock analyst, said that the government should purchase stocks flamboyantly, rather than cautiously buying some stocks in low profile.
Kareena Kapoor flamboyantly rises above the weak script.
Mum Sue has taken two weeks off work to camp with Steph who said her love of the flamboyantly dressed star has helped her through difficult times.
The Grieg Symphonic Dances started vigorously, even flamboyantly.
He now holds the title National Goalkeeping Coach, with Clemence moved to the flamboyantly named Head of International Teams.
Maybe it's because we haven't played flamboyantly," said Giggs, "But it doesn't bother us.
no, it's not a superhero movie, but the flamboyantly entertaining professional wrestling spectacle known as Lucha Libre (which means "free fighting" in Spanish).
The work of Milan-based designer Roberto Serio, the furniture is flamboyantly styled, featuring crystal work, gold and silver leaf detailing and plush materials.
The market introduction of the flamboyantly fun and green Tuk Tuk will take place on the 19th of October at the eCarTec in MEaOnchen, the biggest fair in e-mobility.
But when flamboyantly bouffanted culinary fops such as Marco Pierre White are all the flavour, then it's easy to see what the casting director saw in Alan's audition, and it was sitting on top of his head.
You begin with some major news stories of the day - Islamist terrorism, the financial crisis, immigration - sprinkle in some broadly-drawn characters - a dissatisfied middle-aged husband, a flamboyantly gay
Homes, Rebecca Solnit, and the curator, offers a further opportunity to consider the writerly aspects of Coyne's flamboyantly intricate gloom.
The film had the character of the " Jai Maharashtra" politico declaring flamboyantly that he didn't care about deviation from ideology and subsequent loss of reputation, as the politics of vote banks is a business and there is always the option of changing sides to another vote bank.
WORCESTER - A heavyset woman, flamboyantly disguised in a blond wig with bangs, a pink hat and dark sunglasses, strolled into a West Boylston Street bank yesterday morning and passed a note to the teller demanding money, police said.