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Synonyms for flamboyant

Synonyms for flamboyant

elaborately and heavily ornamented

marked by outward, often extravagant display

Synonyms for flamboyant

marked by ostentation but often tasteless

elaborately or excessively ornamented

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And here is the red-orange flamboyant beauty of the season.
Flamboyant British businessman Richard Branson is turning his hand to launching satellites
Amanda, right FLAMBOYANT Anneka in daring birdcage dress FLAGGED UP Jackie St Clair FAIR COP Fashion patrol
Keith Meets Keith, Channel 4, Monday, 10pm THIS is how we remember flamboyant chef Keith Floyd, but sadly he doesn't look quite like this any more.
Flamboyant Hero surged into the lead at the first corner and, extending his advantage down the far side, eventually crossed the line five-and-a-half lengths clear of Generous Man and Emporio Wizard, who dead-heated for second, in 30.
The Remarkable Life Of John Murray Spear: Agitator For The Spirit Land" by John Buescher (Chief of the Tibetan Broadcast Service of the Voice of America) is the biography of one of 19th century America's most idiosyncratic and radical religious figures whose flamboyant spiritualist proclivities led him to protest slavery and capital punishment, invent 'spirit machines', and perhaps most surprisingly--advocate 'free love'.
Describing "this flamboyant use of the forces of criminal prosecution to threaten whistleblowers and intimidate journalists" as "nothing more than the naked tactics of street thugs and authoritarian juntas," Greenwald concludes: "That sounds like a lot of things.
McGinness's painting is more systematically harmonious, suggesting a reduction in subjective engagement with the paint, but he is no mechanical copyist; he has his own recognizably flamboyant touch, however much of an impersonal designer he would like to appear.
Due for completion in 2000, the project was seriously delayed after Italy's flamboyant former deputy of culture, Vittorio Sgarbi, attacked it as an affront to the city's heritage.
The Prairie Chicken dancers, the Jingle Dress dancers, Fancy Dancers, Traditional Dancers and Shawl Dancers all make up this flamboyant and colorful mix.
One can only hope that this incident will discourage both The Times from making figurative references and Geraldo from making flamboyant nudges.
The flamboyant celebrity also revealed that if it hasn't been for his sister Siobhan, he would have ended up homeless and penniless.
While his flamboyant beliefs ultimately discredited his scientific brilliance, nonetheless, as George Pendle shows in Strange Angel: The Otherworldly Life of Rocket Scientist John Whiteside Parsons, Parsons was still a brilliant scientist despite his rogue methods, and his problems partially stemmed from the takeover of rocketry science by big business.