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Synonyms for flamboyant

Synonyms for flamboyant

elaborately and heavily ornamented

marked by outward, often extravagant display

Synonyms for flamboyant

marked by ostentation but often tasteless

elaborately or excessively ornamented

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Often battered by opponents in the flamboyant sport, luchadores nonetheless love performing for adoring audiences.
Flamboyant George said he was still a big fan of fashion and was hesitant about plastic surgery.
Perhaps he was a bit too flamboyant for the rest of the company, but he will be a hard act to follow.
For her Massachusetts-based company, hoi polloi, she makes flamboyant dances that integrate release technique, gesture from classic modern dance, and the versatilily and speed of classical ballet.
A flamboyant "Gay Parade" participant, Smitherman and his friend Toronto "gay" councillor Kyle Rae admitted to the Toronto Sun in 1999 to having had sex with HIV infected men but said it was of no consequence since they wore condoms (Lifesite News, Oct 23, 2003).
Whites found him intriguing, articulate and flamboyant, but were forced begrudgingly to admit his brilliance.
Flamboyant costumes and creations, masks and headpieces, giant puppets and huge mobile sculptures will be leaving the Butetown Youth Pavilion in Dumballs Road, Cardiff at 7.
Tom Knechtel knows how to load up a picture, but he also knows how to pare it down, and in cobbling together the intricate, ornate, and flamboyant, as well as the loose, minimal, and austere, the artist produces what ought to be visual train wrecks but instead are carnivalesque ballets, apparently choreographed on the fly.
may be bizarre, flamboyant and spout portentous nonsense for prolonged periods, they just aren't funny.
Two super deluxe residences, appropriate showcases for flamboyant Broadway producer David Merrick, have just gone on the market in the wake of his death in April.
Iowa's flamboyant CC director, Bobbie Gobel, was fired by officials at the national office after she refused to step down.
The increase has brought Amoco's ability to provide gas locally to approximately 700 million cubic feet per day (mmcfd), primarily due to two highly successful new wells at the company's existing Flamboyant structure off the southeast coast of Trinidad.
That alluring length has turned out to be one of the few documented cases in which a flamboyant male ornament, like the peacock's tail, indicates superior genes, says Gerald S.
Shirer, Murrow's original hire, and ultimately his closest confidant and alter ego; the master writer Eric Sevareid; the flamboyant Charles Collingwood; the intrepid Larry Leseur; and Mary Marvin Breckenridge, the sole woman to penetrate the inner circle of Murrow's macho male fiefdom.
In another essay, Jurgen Wiener explores the diverse application of flamboyant architectural elements in Italy.