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Catholic Church through bouts of "ecclesiastic flamboyance.
It has to do with robustness, flamboyance, the vigorous manipulation of light and materials -- the sturdy wooden beams decorated in places, the diagonal slash of a wooden beam supporting first floor gallery, floors and furniture of different woods to enhance gradations of light, white walls washed by luminance.
The fact is that Hollywood, for all its flamboyance, is remarkably democratic: If the public doesn't like a film, it avoids watching it.
With a flamboyance that has become a Mori trademark in informal gatherings, the Japanese premier also drew attention to his relatively large body, while referring to an East African proverb that states ''while mountains do not meet, people meet.
Dramatized officiating by breaking every "no" in the book with a flamboyance never seen before or since -- which worked because he was fair, courageous, and unintimidatable.
The lizards in California have a special athletic flamboyance that may help scientists observe how one species splits into two.
For all his literary flamboyance, his imagistic exuberance, and shameless campanilismo, Boschini speaks as an artist; his pen smells of the studio, and it is just that professional experience that informs his writing with such authority and conviction.
Flamboyance and arty design are generally eschewed in law office design.
The evening also included an array of showgirls and dancers giving the evening true Las Vegas flamboyance.
Those hankering for Almond's pop flamboyance should check out the extended EP.
Later in the day, the trophies were paraded in true Twenty20 flamboyance and spirit with elephants, dancers and drummers in 'Perahera' style through the streets of Colombo to Independence Square where they were formally received by Sri Lanka Sports Minister Hon.
FLAMBOYANCE "Hopefully I can play with a bit more flair and flamboyance tomorrow.
HE'S the most outrageous X Factor contestant ever, famed for his flamboyance and his eye for the ladies.
Cecil Beaton was one of the first to encourage Tennant's eccentric vocation of doing nothing in life - but doing it with great flamboyance.
I'm not talking about the deliberate flamboyance of characters like Jesper Parnevik, Ian Poulter and the late Payne Stewart.