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pour liquor over and ignite (a dish)

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Neil Flambe is an extraordinarily arrogant 14-year-old master chef who runs his own dazzlingly acclaimed restaurant while attending high school.
A ROYAL Doulton first exhibited their Flambe wares - with the fiery red finishes - in 1904.
Karimov's regime, notes the Times of London, is constantly seeking to refine that satanic science, "formulating new ways to poach, grill, tenderize, smoke, and flambe his citizens to death.
joie de flambe, as possessed (perhaps) by girls who strap
Blackberry Crepe Flambe, with vanilla scented goat cheese and grand marnier sabayon, paired with Immort Ale, a strong ale brewed with organic juniper berry, vanilla, and maple syrup.
This recipe, entitled 'Crimean Eggs', features the direct flambe of eggs, the bananas being culinaringly equivalent to sugar, flour and milk.
The other courses are spiced beef and pork wrapped in shiso leaves and grilled, served with lettuce wraps and cilantro; crispy egg crepe with sesame marinated vegetable slaw; sweet and spicy shrimp soup with tamarind and bamboo shoots; and hazelnut fried bananas flambe for dessert.
If Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man was one paradigm for Ligon before, the more salient figure now might be the nameless protagonist of Ellison's late story "Cadillac Flambe," who made a ritual holocaust of his beloved car as a symbolic revolt against indignity.
That night I told the story to my pals at the festival's Gay Flambe party and suffered the reactions to my behavior: Too little
Just add some chopped orange zest to the batter and then flambe each crepe in Grand Marnier once it has been cooked.
If there's a need to impress guests with something more than Christmas cookies, they can dazzle them with dessert recipes from around the world or get the facts on how to flambe desserts properly to avoid a kitchen faux pas.
Les prix des vetements et des moutons ont egalement flambe, d'apres beaucoup de citoyens que nous avons approches.
Selon Berdouz, le cout de revient a nettement flambe cette annee et le recours au marche pour s'approvisionner des aliments du betail a ete massif.
Serves 4 For the pancakes 2 eggs 80g plain flour 150ml milk 15g unsalted butter, melted Handful herbs, finely chopped (parsley, chives, basil) Sunflower oil For the sauce 40g butter 35g plain flour 400ml milk 250g Arbroath Smokies, deboned Handful parsley, chopped 50g strong Cheddar 1 apple, peeled and grated to garnish Serves 0 0 xxxxxxxxx 00g xxxxxx HEARTY Xxx xxxxxxx A wickedly sweet pud, great for impressing a special friend with your flambe technique.