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  • adj

Synonyms for flakey

made of or resembling flakes


made of or easily forming flakes


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conspicuously or grossly unconventional or unusual

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Flakey had to stay at the stud where she had recently become pregnant, but that was no problem because Ernie had arranged with the manager for us to go and see her there.
It was a very special day for Tom - and Ernie and Helen have invited us back to see Flakey when she has returned to them.
And who am I to say that could be because so many of them ARE shallow and flakey, Colin luvvie?
Two months later Flakey Dove won her own Champion Hurdle' at the end of the year she was fifth in the Christmas Hurdle at Kempton, a place ahead of Mysilv.
But very Colderwood might have had a flakey if he had seen Darren Mackie, Russell Anderson, Scott Severin and Steve Lovell larking about by covering up striker Stevie Crawford's car with snow.
Firstly, we'd advise against it being used to treat headaches by being rubbed on the skin An old wive's tale which will lead to a flakey napper.
Price, whose brother Richard trained the now-17-year-old Flakey Dove to win the Champion Hurdle, previously assisted cousin Cecil, and has been in charge of eight horses since the beginning of March.
This is unbelievable as I also led in Flakey Dove after she won the Champion Hurdle.
First to win the Cheltenham hurdling showpiece was her dam, Flakey Dove, in 1994.