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  • adj

Synonyms for flakey

made of or resembling flakes


made of or easily forming flakes


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conspicuously or grossly unconventional or unusual

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For those who crave chocolate, it doesn't stop there; our Double Chocolate CroisBun is a flakey, rich, all-in-one delicious treat that breaks into three to share.
The races were fantastic and we looked forward to visiting Flakey Dove the next day.
That was the first of numerous victories for Flakey Dove who enjoyed her finest hour when collecting the Champion Hurdle at Cheltenham under Mark Dwyer in 1994.
COLIN Firth says being good looking is a handicap because people assume you're shallow and flakey.
The company's artisan bakers are renowned for their blending of Mediterranean spices, nuts, and honey, combined with wholesome ingredients, inside layers of flakey fillo dough.
Winner of the Champion Hurdle in 1988, he took high rank over fences before reverting to hurdles when last of five behind Flakey Dove at Haydock in January 1994.
Flakey: The AIC's prize-winning, second-generation mobile robot, Flakey, had real-time stereovision algorithms to distinguish and follow people, and the DECIPHER speech recognition system to respond to spoken commands.
But very Colderwood might have had a flakey if he had seen Darren Mackie, Russell Anderson, Scott Severin and Steve Lovell larking about by covering up striker Stevie Crawford's car with snow.
Price, whose brother Richard trained the now-17-year-old Flakey Dove to win the Champion Hurdle, previously assisted cousin Cecil, and has been in charge of eight horses since the beginning of March.
First to win the Cheltenham hurdling showpiece was her dam, Flakey Dove, in 1994.