flake off

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come off in flakes or thin small pieces

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The painful disease affected his liver, swelling him to three times his normal size and making his skin flake off.
He got injured as a two-year-old and injured as a three-year-old - he chipped a flake off a fetlock joint that had to be removed.
It will be applied by face painter and volunteer Gail Coleman, 37, from Thornaby, and Robert's son Wayne, 11, will touch up any bits which flake off between the two games.
She was born without skin on her hands, feet, knees, elbows and bottom and the fragile coverings which grow soon flake off.
If more desperate measures are called for because the varnish is flaking, strip it off with a chemical stripper, rub the bare wood smooth and then use an exterior grade wood preservative that will not flake off orcrack.
If it is touched or vibrated it tends to flake off rather easily.
The microTrac 3 chillers have two insulated tanks made from rotomolded HDPE, in which the insulation has been molded right into the plastic to ensure that the material doesn't flake off into the coolant stream.
For instance, films can wrap around the edge and accumulate in layers that eventually flake off, only to be re-deposited on the frontside of the wafer.
AS And the paint until it doesn't flake off anymore and wipe clean.
The reason why no-one has ever climbed this mountain before soon becomes clear as huge bits of it flake off if you so much as look at them.
These baby goats are no exception as they get their daily dose of high-factor sun cream after the rays caused the skin on their noses and ears to flake off.
Use tile paint on top of a tile primer and you'll be left with an excellent finish that won't flake off.