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Synonyms for flagstone

paving stone

Synonyms for flagstone

stratified stone that splits into pieces suitable as paving stones


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The masks had gone home and our footsteps echoed on the flagstones with unequal sound as of men without purpose, without hope.
And all the time the stream of shabby people was hastening by us, with the continuous dreary shuffling of weary footsteps on the flagstones.
Kneeling on the flagstones by the light of Daddy Jacques's lantern he removed the clothes from the body and laid bare its breast.
The deacon's hand in a plush cuff accepted a three-rouble note unobtrusively, and the deacon said he would put it down in the register, and his new boots creaking jauntily over the flagstones of the empty church, he went to the altar.
We met no other wayfarers on the deserted flagstones, and were ourselves favored with a very hard stare from the constable of the beat, who, however, touched his helmet on recognizing my companion.
It was the measured tread that we had heard before on the flagstones outside.
A misty rain settled like silvery dust on clothes, on moustaches; wetted the faces, varnished the flagstones, darkened the walls, dripped from umbrellas.
In order to reach sooner the point where he could take his omnibus, he turned brusquely out of the populous street into a narrow and dusky alley paved with flagstones.
A sense of stairs descended as if in a dream, of flagstones, of a chaise and horses standing, then a street, and a turning into another street where a stage-coach was standing, taking in passengers, and the darting thought that that coach would take her away, perhaps toward home.
In addition, he will direct the joint go-to-market sales activities of both the Bay Valley Foods and Flagstone Foods organizations.
declared its plans to buy Flagstone Foods by paying Gryphon Investors and other shareholders $860 million in cash.
Ratings agencies agree that Validus Holdings should not see significant negative repercussions from its proposed acquisition of Flagstone Reinsurance Holdings, as statements today indicate Validus' ratings will remain unchanged.
ANV Holdings BV will purchase the Lloyd's operations of Flagstone Reinsurance Holdings for about $48 million, the companies said.
The latest turn in the long-running development saga on city-owned Watson Island would grant aspiring Island Gardens developer Mehmet Bayraktar and his Flagstone Property Group another three years to start building its hotel and luxury marina complex in exchange for $1.
JP Morgan (NYSE: JPM) has announced that it has been appointed by Flagstone Re to provide global custody, portfolio accounting and short-term cash management services for its insurance investment assets.