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Following up on his earlier The Bush Dyslexicon, he documents how the administration has used corrosive cynicism to stampede the country into war and to stifle all dissent, how it has flagrantly disregarded domestic and international law in pursuit of its autocratic "war on terror," and various other real and metaphorical crimes largely given a pass by the US mainstream media and the Congress.
The 24 year-old exhibitionist has flagrantly broken her agreement with Britain and has demonstrated lurid behaviour before a national television audience.
The availability of new measures like the Anti-social behaviour order (Asbo) will help the Environment Agency curb the activities of a segment of society that flagrantly operates outside the law.
It said that he flagrantly intervened in Bahrain's internal affairs and held meetings with a particular group to the detriment of other interlocutors, thus discriminating between people, contravening diplomatic norms and flouting normal inter-state relations.
The King called for exigency to exert internationally concerted, serious and expedite efforts and offices to stop it, exigency of the UN Security Council intervention to take all prompt measurements to stop violating the sacredness of Al-Aqsa Mosque, protect the Palestinian people and religious sanctuaries, awarding the Palestinian people its legitimate rights, asserting that such aggression, flagrantly, violates the holiness of religions and gives a hand to fan extremism and violence, in the entire world.
Legal modifications target those who "preach hatred," he said, singling out the Islamic "Liberation Party which flagrantly promotes discords and divisions in the Australian society.
TEHRAN (FNA)- The Israeli soldiers opened heavy machine gunfire on Palestinian civilian homes and agricultural lands East of the blockaded Gaza Strip, flagrantly violating the Cairo-brokered ceasefire accord.
It said that the US official intervened flagrantly in Bahrain's internal affairs and held meetings with a particular party to the detriment of other interlocutors, thus discriminating between one people, contravening diplomatic norms and flouting normal interstate relations.
State news agency SANA Monday quoted Jihad Lahham as saying that "a number of Arab and foreign states and institutions have been unable to mask their anger that Syria's presidential election will be held on time; they are flagrantly trying to intervene.
AND Gabby Logan, crusader for parity of the sexes, failing to see her own hypocrisy in flagrantly ogling Towie "eye-candy" Dan Osborne in tight leopard-skin trunks: "Hi, erm, Dan
The New York Times quoted White House and immigration officials, as saying earlier this week that they would exercise "prosecutorial discretion" to focus enforcement efforts on cases involving criminals and people who have flagrantly violated immigration laws.
In our view, no litigant can avail of any discretionary remedy from the court by willfully and flagrantly disobeying the orders of the court.
Consequently, they concluded that Civil Law Contract based on the text of French secular laws bears no weight, takes no effect and flagrantly contradicts Islam itself, Muslims in general and public order.
Red cards should come when players flagrantly abuse the rules.