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Juntamente com as câmeras de vigilância, as câmeras de telefones celulares, fotográficas e de vídeo, embora não estejam diretamente voltadas para o exercício da vigilância, participam ativamente da construção de um regime escópico sobre a cidade que se passa não tanto nos circuitos de controle, mas sim nos circuitos de prazer, entretenimento e voyeurismo, onde vigoram uma atenção vigilante e a captura do flagrante.
Our most brazen show in this regard currently has to be NBC's ``Las Vegas'': Our young hero, casino fixer/security guy Danny McCoy (Josh Duhamel), was introduced in flagrante with his boss's daughter (Molly Sims), who soon joined the payroll.
The two men challenging the law, John Lawrence and Tyron Gardner, were briefly jailed and fined $200 each after being caught flagrante delicto in Lawrence's unlocked apartment, which the police entered on a neighbor's false tip about an intruder.
But the widow has an affair with a cousin by marriage and the lovers are caught in flagrante delicto by the son and their kinsmen, and borne on a cart, tied together, to the local magistrate.
As speculation spreads that the woman was murdered because her husband, an East Indian doctor, caught her in flagrante delicto, Cedric becomes increasingly obsessed with the idea that his wife is being unfaithful to him.
Mr Beaumont said: "He went down to Newcastle and discovered his wife in flagrante with another man at a white Transit van.
The highlight of Kalb's book is his careful dissection of one of the scandal's great non-stories: the allegation that a White House staffer--perhaps a Secret Service agent--had happened upon Clinton and Lewinsky in flagrante in the Oval Office.
The two women are still in flagrante delicto when the mother and brother arrive to move in.
San Francisco, California, where two district attorneys were found after hours in a conference room in tres flagrante delicto.
Famed mobster Meyer Lansky obtained photos of Hoover and Tolson in flagrante delicto and held these over the director's head, threatening exposure should Hoover seek to meddle in Lansky's rackets.
Il a ete ainsi fait part au diplomate francais, a releve la meme source, de la "reprobation des autorites algeriennes de toutes attitudes contraires aux usages diplomatiques, qui sont en inadequation flagrante avec la qualite des relations entre l'Algerie et la France et l'ambition partagee des deux pays de les hisser au niveau de partenariat d'exception".
Pour le Forum, de tels actes constituent une atteinte flagrante aux libertes individuelles et une violation grave, voire un recul, du processus de la consecration des droits de l'homme, notamment en ce qui concerne la mise en oeuvre des recommandations de l'Instance Eequite et Reconciliation (IER), lit-on dans un communique rendu public.
51- 52/2014 - Framework agreement with a single operator, to assign services to evictions and property protection as a result of evictions are planned or in flagrante in the buildings owned ALER (lot 1) and the City of Milan (Lot 2) , located in Milan and Province.
In the recording, which seems to be collage of different speeches, the voice attributed to Erdoy-an instructs his men to capture Baykal in flagrante delicto and spread the footage through the media and Internet.
Il a fait allusion de la MINUAD a perdu 16 de ses membres dans des attaques lors qu'ils accomplissaient leur devoir ce qui est considere comme des crimes de guerre et une violence flagrante du droits humanitaire international.