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a large metal or pottery vessel with a handle and spout

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The peasant in the sheepskins, who had sat glum and silent all evening, had been so heated by his flagon of ale that he was talking loudly and angrily with clenched hands and flashing eyes.
I say to him, How can you give me this pot of oil or this flagon of wine when all your oil and wine is mine, which belief of mine this gift seems to deny?
She refused the cloak as she had refused the flagon and the cake, and replied, "A sack.
Or I watch, as from a window, while she sets off through the long parks to the distant place where he is at work, in her hand a flagon which contains his dinner.
It was evident that the wounded man was in no danger, so Norman of Torn ordered the others to assist him into the hut, where they found Red Shandy sitting propped against the wall while the good father poured the contents of a flagon down his eager throat.
The Crane, in his turn, asked the Fox to sup with him, and set before her a flagon with a long narrow mouth, so that he could easily insert his neck and enjoy its contents at his leisure.
The Story Girl lifted her golden-hued flagon to her red lips.
So Jos tottered into that apartment where Regulus still sate on the kitchen table, and clung fast to his flagon of beer.
The old bloke you see downing flagons of cider on the park bench every morning on your commute to work seems to have had a game plan all along
I have seen some things outside that have absolutely disgusted me, such as four kids drinking out of flagons.
The suppliers of the cider, The Real Cider Company over in Hebden Bridge, will be donating glass flagons of the festival cider.
Very often they're my one stop shop when I'm in the market to source some discarded, sodden pornography, half-filled flagons of White Lightning (whose frothy yellow contents, be warned, rarely turn out to be cider) and, depending on what day of the week it is, an actual tramp.
Around 1,200 well-preserved pieces include plates, platters, porringers, salts and flagons, some carrying the marks of pewterers in Antwerp and Bruges, but many others made in England for the export market.
The collection includes plates, platters, porringers, salts and flagons in an array of sizes and styles.
HAIRY BIKER sI KING If Brad lunched on pasties and flagons of cider every day (which we're sure him 'n' Ange do anyway), this is what he could look like on the red carpet.