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a large metal or pottery vessel with a handle and spout

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But it turns to the language of fable, a dialogue with the unknown interlocutor: "But have you not a thought for family, / All your grape brothers, kin whose blood--gold, red-- / Travels the globe in casks, in flagons rare, / To ports, cities aglow.
As I change into my trunks, I imagine cricket on the green, old maids cycling to church and flagons of warm, golden beer.
Man and Co, official rum merchants to the Navy since 1784, was stored in wicker-clad stone flagons, with only small amounts withdrawn for state occasions.
He began by writing that he did not understand why the story of the publication of Flagons and Apples in 1912 should interest anyone ("certainly it does not interest me").
That is, each morning the tip of the Flagons spout is an inch, maybe a half inch, lower in the water, and, however unsatisfactory my current romantic entanglement may be, that's nothing compared to the fact that the Flagon is slowly sinking.
Wade's main area of business is manufacturing porcelain flagons for the spirits industry, especially malt and deluxe whisky producers.
It all hit home when a managing editor, overcome by several flagons of firewater and clutching the pathetic remnants of a cheap, stale cigar, collapsed into a potted plant near the archives room.
The giddy flagons make it the only ride of its kind in Europe, and can spin up to 72 passengers at a time.
Once inside,they grabbed pieces on show in the Chapter House, including a beadle's hand bell and four pewter communion flagons from a glass case.
Designed for use in the field, in antique shops and at fairs, the well-illustrated guide outlines ways to determine the material composition of an item and describes the characteristics of dozens of artifacts such as flint blades, Roman flagons, Medieval roof tiles, and bone skates.
Kevin Quigley, of Knockanaher, Sligo, had two flagons of cider with him when Gardai arrested him at Mullingar.
Never to be used for containing the blood of the Lord are flagons, bowls, or other vessels" (par.
Five dairy farms have signed up to the deal, which will see the milk processed and bottled in two and four-pint flagons at the Co-op's Ipswich dairy plant.
After a week, the grape solids were transferred to a basket press, and juice was extracted, transferred into glass flagons, and fermented into wine.
Two flagons which have been in the family since about 1689, when they were presented to Ralph, 1st Earl of Montagu, are to go under the hammer at Christie's in London on July 5.