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a large metal or pottery vessel with a handle and spout

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Examining the flagon carefully, it became apparent that the colour of the body was slightly different from the colour of the pouring spout
CUTLINE: Alicia Witt will perform at Oliver's nightclub in the Cask'n Flagon in Boston at 8 p.
We tie our boats to your spout only because you have built the Flagon in the middle of a particularly rich fishing zone, and never once asked our permission.
I longed for the consoling warmth of a flagon of Old Wallop.
The collection, which remarkably has not suffered from corrosion, includes wine buckets, a cauldron, a flagon and an iron ladle made of copper alloy and lead alloy.
The machinery has helped to reduce the traditional casting cycle from two and a half hours to four minutes, while the high pressure casting technology enables one flagon to be made every 15 seconds.
As you watch the gifts of bread and wine being placed on the altar, remember that you put yourself along-side that bread and in that flagon when you first came in.
Since then, Royal Salute 21 Year Old has been packaged in the unmistakable blue porcelain flagon, and has become known as one of the top ultra-premium Scotches with U.
EMMERDALE: After her miscarriage, Katie finds solace - not from concerned Andy, but from a flagon of cider.
Ah'd move the lot of 'em to Govan where I know a four-bedroom maisonette I could get for the price of a flagon of Strongbow.
Corcoran, 32, a health care consultant, was waiting in line to get into the Cask & Flagon bar across the street from Fenway Park.
He relieves himself in a bottle passes the flagon to his secretary, who files it away until some lull in the mortaring (only sporadic at the worst of times) permits her to make the trip with the admiral's daily output, across the courtyard.
The pottery had even produced a special, oneoff blue porcelain flagon adorned with a royal crest to mark the occasion.
She said she drank a half flagon of cider and five bottles of lager.
So this weekend I shall be attempting to power-wash the patio with just a flagon of tepid water, a silly straw and the power of my own 38-year-old lungs.