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a large metal or pottery vessel with a handle and spout

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Whilst he was speaking the landlady came in again, bearing a broad platter, upon which stood all the beakers and flagons charged to the brim with the brown ale or the ruby wine.
Conclamatum est, poculatum est,'' said Prior Aymer; ``we have drunk and we have shouted, it were time we left our wine flagons.
Yet all were merry, for the Sheriff had promised them flagons of wine, and moreover they were to hang speedily the boldest outlaw in England, next to Robin Hood himself.
An equal number of attendants brought great flagons of wine, of various kinds, some of which sparkled as it was poured out, and went bubbling down the throat; while, of other sorts, the purple liquor was so clear that you could see the wrought figures at the bottom of the goblet.
flagons and trenchers flying before him, and he cried
Slowly the pangs became less keen, as suffering deadened the activity of certain nerves; and then the light flashed on once again, and before me stood an array of new and tempting dishes, with great bottles of clear water and flagons of refreshing wine, upon the outside of which the cold sweat of condensation stood.
Then one of the band brought the Sheriff a cup of sack, bowing low as he handed it to him; but the Sheriff could not touch the wine, for he saw it served in one of his own silver flagons, on one of his own silver plates.
And how unnatural it seemed for a sober man to be plodding wearily along through miry roads, encountering the rude buffets of the wind and pelting of the rain, when there was a clean floor covered with crisp white sand, a well swept hearth, a blazing fire, a table decorated with white cloth, bright pewter flagons, and other tempting preparations for a well- cooked meal--when there were these things, and company disposed to make the most of them, all ready to his hand, and entreating him to enjoyment!
We tie our boats to your spout only because you have built the Flagon in the middle of a particularly rich fishing zone, and never once asked our permission.
CUTLINE: Alicia Witt will perform at Oliver's nightclub in the Cask'n Flagon in Boston at 8 p.
Days Of Chunder, Crouching Tiger Beer, Hidden Flagon (Davie Kirkpatrick).
Now, captured by producer David Wrench on debut album Forge & Flagon, the band's distinctive qualities make their mark.
Ann Kerrison explained, 'The cottage is the oldest house in the village and was famous in the 1800s as the home of 'Peint Mawr Beddgel- ert', a half-gallon flagon onto which was inscribed a Welsh poem challenging the drinker to drink it all in one go
A woman in Lady Margaret Terrace, Splott, had looked out to see a man carrying a flagon of cider suddenly raise a gun with his other hand and point it at a car.
WAR SCENE: This 19th Century carved ivory and silver-mounted flagon came from Nuremburg.