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a whip used to inflict punishment (often used for pedantic humor)


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Slight cuticular constrictions were considered as segmental boundaries for the basal segments of the flagellum, but the midsection and distal antennal regions had distinct sutures (Fig.
The team is currently working on a method to generate a magnetic nanofiber that can be used as a flagellum.
Boar sperm cells are good for studying mitochondria and mitochondrial toxins because the tail of the sperm contains many mitochondria that produce ATP, which is thought to power the flagellum, says Harriet Ammann, a toxicologist in Olympia, Washington, and a member of the committee that produced the 2004 U.
Striking morphological changes were observed in epimastigotes treated with guaianolide, such as thinning and stretching of the cell body and flagellum and changes in the format of the cell body with apparent leakage of the cytoplasmic content in trypomastigote forms.
What we show is that measurements on other sperm parts, such as the flagellum that propels the sperm, can provide additional information about the quality and consistency of sperm manufacture.
bowmani, the shorter flagellum is distally bifid and distinctly shorter than the other flagellum; whereas, on T.
aeruginosa possess a single polar flagellum that is used for motility.
a venture firm specializing in the study of the organism with a single flagellum at the University of Tokyo, and Soke Kutsuwado, a confectioner based in Takamatsu, Kagawa Prefecture.
Manson told Ross "follow the flagellum and you will solve the problem".
albopictus two coeloconic sensillum are protruding from the tip of distal flagellum as a tubular structure measuring 10.
Flagellum a broadly elliptical structure attached to the fixed finger above the primary tooth, slightly to the dorsal edge.
For example, he considers Michael Behe's so-called irreducibly complex bacterial flagellum as a pre-adaptation.