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a whip used to inflict punishment (often used for pedantic humor)


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Based on its length, each antennule was divided into the lateral and medial flagella, and each flagellum was subsequently separated into three parts.
The study revealed that the number of germ cells with such a disorder as a combination of the flagellum middle part anomalies with a droplet on the flagellum in the boars' aged 180 and 360 days of the control group ejaculate samples increased, respectively, by 27.
Abbreviations: PK, distance of kinetoplast to the posterior end; KN, distance of kinetoplast to the middle of the nucleus; NA, distance of anterior end to the middle of the nucleus; PN, distance of posterior end to the middle of the nucleus; PA, body length excluding flagellum; AF, length of free flagellum; BW, body width; NuL, length of the nucleus; NuW, width of the nucleus; NuArea, area of the nucleus; KI (PK/PA), kinetoplast index; NI (NA/PA), nuclear index; BW/PA, ratio of body width and length; AF/PA, ratio of free flagellum and body length.
Now researchers who study biofilms that cohabitate with marine sponges have discovered a quorum-sensing signal that controls the formation of the flagellum, a corkscrew-like appendage that rotates and allows bacteria to swim away from a biofilm.
In 1458, the Dominican inquisitor Nicolas Jacquier wrote the Flagellum haereticorum fascinariorum (The Scourge of Heretical Bewitchers).
a venture firm specializing in the study of the organism with a single flagellum at the University of Tokyo, and Soke Kutsuwado, a confectioner based in Takamatsu, Kagawa Prefecture.
mirim Cokendolpher & Reddell 2000 by the absence of a dorso-apical apophysis on the penultimate segment of the flagellum (Fig.
There are many candidates for a design inference in the natural world, but I will speak only of the bacterial flagellum, a motor on the back of bacteria in a cell.
One protein disabled by a chance mutation would mean that the whole flagellum would not work.
Ponder first the bacterial flagellum (or propeller), which consists of approximately thirty distinct proteins, each of which is required for movement.