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Synonyms for flagellation

Synonyms for flagellation

beating as a source of erotic or religious stimulation

beating with a whip or strap or rope as a form of punishment

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Take for example the Jama Masjid in Agra which was con- ASI maintaining sites under Waqf control A section of Shia leaders have now opposed the demand for the Taj Mahal being handed over to the UP Central Sunni Waqf Board while demanding for a permission to carry out self- flagellation on Muharram.
Part one focuses on medieval religious flagellation and what Largier calls the rituals of the atricalization.
The book is divided into three parts corresponding to different thematic inflections and historical understandings of flagellation across this broad span of time.
Was public flagellation a tradition passed down from the Middle Ages?
Perhaps most satisfying were the pools of darkness around the London Salome with the Head of John the Baptist and the Flagellation.
Lately, some of the national media have turned on their own for some media bashing and some have even engaged in self flagellation.
Almost as distressing to me as the result in those cases has been the reaction of certain Christian organizations; at each successive judicial defeat, some Christian voice is sure to be raised pronouncing it a victory; at each successive humiliation, the cry goes up for more litigation, as though Christians were masochists whose appetite for judicial flagellation and abuse cannot be sated.
At the start of his career, around 1932-33, William Baziotes made a drawing that, in light of the gentle, haunting, lyrical works for which he later became known, one would never associate with him: a rather expressionistic flagellation scene.
Permits are required for flagellation, keep your messianic woes to yourself.
Atalanta was followed in 1866 by the first series of Poems and Ballads, which clearly display Swinburne's preoccupation with masochism, flagellation, and paganism.
The US premiere of Australian filmmaker Peter Duncan's 1999 feature PASSION, exposes challenging details of Percy Grainger's secret life, including his involvement with flagellation.
In Echavarria's case, he started flagellation for his mother who was suffering from different ailments.
The participants of the processions carried out self flagellation with sharp knives mounted on chains, swords and blades besides beating their chests.
La liste des nomines ' comprend egalement Raif Badawi, le blogueur saoudien condamne a dix ans de prison et a une peine de flagellation pour apostasie ', mais egalement deux autres Africains : Don Mussie Zerai, un pretre catholique d'origine erythreenne, qui vient en aide aux migrants de Lampedusa et le medecin congolais Denis Mukwege, qui a soigne pres de 40 000 femmes victimes de viol dans l'est de la RD Congo.
Cutud's local executive committee has raised more than P300,000 (Dh27,272) from donors for the lenten season, said sources, adding that no amount went to those who wanted to be nailed to the cross or to those who underwent flagellation for two days as a form of penance.