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Synonyms for flagellation

Synonyms for flagellation

beating as a source of erotic or religious stimulation

beating with a whip or strap or rope as a form of punishment

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Largier's analysis of flagellation as ritual theater does much to illuminate an understanding of medieval religious practice as a corporal worship of divinity, but his explanatory models do not follow historian's conventions.
This means that there are very few religious works from his hand, which is a lasting deprivation to us, as we can see from the power of his "Christ after the Flagellation.
The crowning glory of sleeping rough is that, like all other forms of flagellation, it feels so wonderful when it stops" Former Fleet Street editor Sir Max Hastings
The Catholic Church in the Philippines is no longer like the Catholic Church that had condemned public crucifixion and flagellation when they became popular in the 13th and 14 century," explained Pastor Alfred Crespo.
presents 10 studies that examine some of these topics, including German obscenity as a politically corrupting force in the period between the Napoleonic Wars and the formation of the German Empire, the shifting political allegiances of French pornography in the 19th century, the origins of English flagellation literature as a racist inversion of the abolitionist slave narrative, the erotic postcard as a concrete image of imperialism and European dominion, the impact of American cultural hegemony on European pornography, the economics of Hungarian video pornography in the 1990s, and the explosion of Russian pornography as a reaction to the authoritarianism of Soviet society.
By extension, Americans' preoccupation - some would call it self- flagellation - over this scandal is a healthy exercise.
And a classic renaissance painting, Flagellation of Christ by Piero della Francesca, is interpreted in the light of international relations, and could be seen as a call to the Italians to recapture Constantinople for the Christian world.
Rhodri Morgan stated he didn't think there was any need to indulge in self- flagellation over the shocking turn-out for theelection.
Through her analysis of diverse topics (including Mendicant Orders, public flagellation, demographics, and commercial activities), she demonstrates just how deeply imbedded confraternities were in the society and culture of Seville.
Among the more colorful rites for Marseille penitents were flagellation and the annual foot washing ceremony on Maundy Thursday.
But this flagellation is actually perpetrated on the spectator who must be led to play b the rules of Galan's intrinsically deceptive work.
And desperate to replace self flagellation with pats on the back.
WAR,pestilence and a plague of frogs apart,few things seem more horrendous than a class reunion, The thought of having to speak to and,even worse, socialise with people who,in the distant past, were thrown together purely by dint of birth date,academic success or an accident of geography is something worth contemplating only by those who believe self flagellation is a way of spending a day off.
There are important points about feasts and food (and the fun of eating watermelons; 158), about the limited use of flagellation (not necessarily the same as disciplina), about nobody being expelled for sodomy.