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while occupied with flagellating real and supposed enemies, was often .
Ashura involves practitioners flagellating themselves using an implement which has a wooden handle with chains and blades attached.
I could suggest resigning as managing editor, retiring to a remote desert monastery, and flagellating himself daily for the rest of his life.
And what should be a shocking scene of Silas punishing himself to purge his sins - flagellating himself with a whip - is spoiled by overly dramatic music with Ron Howard shouting 'this bit is scary
Tops & Bottoms approaches S&M ideologically, first from a historical perspective, working its way up from the flagellating monks in the Middle Ages, through the 1700s and the Marquis de Sade, the 1800s and Leopold von Sacher-Masoch, Dr.
Griffin writes intelligently about Wright in other contexts, but when she approaches him from her Feminist point of view, she yields to the current trend of flagellating him for his portrayal of black women.