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a whip used to inflict punishment (often used for pedantic humor)


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Fluorescent markers enhance visualization of the bacteria and their flagella under a microscope, say the researchers.
The subunits in the loose corkscrew flagella are about 0.
Moreover, the flagella of Volvox are nearly identical to the cilia in the human body, whose coordinated action is central to many processes in embryonic development, reproduction, and the respiratory system.
Last spring, Block and his co-workers reported experiments in which they used an optical tweezer to twist flagella -- the minuscule motor/propeller assemblies that bacteria and other microbes use to get around -- in order to measure their flexibility under applied forces.
Lacking flagella, they tumble about in the surf or waves, protected by often spectacular filigrees; of silica.
Lead researcher Jan Liphardt says that such "biorobots" can be created by stripping down bacteria, with only enough of a genome to perform certain tasks, such as swimming along a chemical trail using their flagella, secreting another chemical as they go.
Of particular importance are the synchronization dynamics of the eukaryotic flagella that provide motility, enhance nutrient transport, and allow phototaxis in these organisms.
However, Col Christian Flagella told iTele TV station that the area can become "relatively dangerous" under certain conditions.
He explains that spiral-shaped structures are found everywhere in nature, for example, it the twisted DNA strand, as well as the hair-like cilia and flagella, which are a kind of rotating helix that give some bacteria and sperm cells the ability to swim.
The longer sperms had a long flagella, which is basically tail-like that helped the sperm travel, and the length helped in providing the sperm with stronger forward propulsion.
Bauer (2004) stated that the antennal flagella of carideans have abundant tactile and chemoreceptors, especially for gustation.
The absence of the luxS gene increases swimming motility and flagella synthesis in Escherichia coli K12.
Leptospirosis is caused by a group of organisms called spirochetes which are similar to bacteria but move and wriggle about in a spinning motion using a wavy membrane called a flagella.
The bio-bots are modeled after single-celled creatures with long tails called flagella - for example, sperm.
Found in termite hindguts, this tiny creature with more than 20 flagella is named for H.