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Stockholm: Flag-waving Swedes and royals celebrated as Sweden's Princess Madeleine, the youngest child of King Carl XVI Gustaf, yesterday married New York businessman Chris O'Neill.
Proms Manager, Jeremy Williams adds: "Most come to the Proms armed with flags, balloons, streamers and are never afraid of frenzied flag-waving nor thunderous foot stamping.
Uruguay's World Cup team received a hero's welcome home on Tuesday as tens of thousands of cheering flag-waving fans lined the streets of Montevideo.
Their programme will include all those flag-waving favourites with selections from the British Sea Songs, Jerusalem, Rule Britannia and Land of Hope and Glory plus a variety of other songs and instrumental music.
But he's also correct to say that proud, flag-waving Scottishness is not an attack on Britain.
HRH Princess Margaret was at the height of her youthful glamour when all these happily enthusiastic flag-waving children, from Southport schools, gathered to give her a warm welcome to the resort in May, 1954.
There is much flag-waving in support of England in the World Cup, but flag-waving in support of a football team is no substitute for knowledge of English history and the reading of history books.
Clive Wolfendale, who is English, said 'incessant' flag-waving during the World Cup could lead to racism and violence.
Their fun-loving, flag-waving giddiness was a marked contrast to the English fans, who came expecting a rout, only to see it lead to angst, then anger before Crouch delivered their salvation, meager though it was.
When he was no longer able to stop her, his dreadful sister Elisabeth helped to pervert his belatedly popular work into sacred texts of Nazism--and before that, in World War I, it was transmogrified into German-chauvinist scripture by the kind of flag-waving militarists he had fervently despised.
The city needs a more visible flag-waving venue closer to Centenary Square
Their campaigns announced that, and I'm conflating wildly here, they were not in favor of gay marriage, despite having gay relatives, but they were in favor of civil unions and they hated that little upstart Confederate flag-waving front-running Vermont governor for bringing the whole thing up in the first place.
There were zillions more protestors than there were flag-waving "patriots," but many papers played that down, quoting the low estimates for the numbers of protestors, and running photos that misrepresented the relative attendance numbers.
Rarely is there a more obvious contrast between a person's words, appearance and what they are really thinking than there is with the smiling, flag-waving linesman.
Litwicki emphasizes the history of secular holidays celebrated once a year in the schools or in public venues, although she cannot help but stray into offering observations about parades, floats, female symbols of the nation, flag-waving, public statues, and patriotism .