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In medieval times, the flag-wavers were important in battle, so the soldiers knew who was a friend and who an enemy," explained Madonna Hakim, from the Italian Embassy.
The truth never suits Israel's flag-wavers and stooges.
JP150309Pat-43; (From left) Flag-wavers join in the fun and Lauren McGrath, Laura Hubbard and Lynsey McManus get in the party spirit.
The confused flag-wavers first blamed a disgruntled ex-activist for the leak, but now say it's all probably Labour's fault.
Instead my wife and I will be the flag-wavers as we will not be allowed to go where Serena and Faraz will be taken but we are accompanying them to Washington DC to enjoy the atmosphere.
When we started doing this show, we were accused of being xenophobic flag-wavers," says Ratzenberger.
The flag-wavers were out in force for the Phil and Pops stalwart Davis, so much so there had to be both an afternoon AND evening of pomp and circumstance.
CANOGA PARK - American flag-wavers and red, white and blue floats replaced cars on usually busy streets Monday as residents made way for the 19th annual Canoga Park Memorial Day Parade.
flag-wavers Pakistanis celebrate their country's independence from Britain in 1947 CLOSE to 100 people of all faiths helped to celebrate Pakistan's independence in Huddersfield.
It was a stunt organised by rural communities pressure group Cymuned directed at England flag-wavers before the England-Ecuador World Cup game.
The Princess Royal was greeted by crowds of flag-wavers as she arrived for the re-dedication ceremony at Hartlepool Marina.
In this moment there is not yet the all-powerful, corrupt Roman Catholic church of the Middle Ages, no megachurches, no screaming, fundraising televangelists, no jingoistic American flag-wavers, no sex-abusing priests, no annihilating anti-Semitism.
Due to unprecedented security arrangements, there were no public flag-wavers, well-wishers or protesters awaiting the arrival of the U.
The Swan, conducted by David Curtis, will be playing favourites by Tchaikovsky, Verdi, Wagner, and Brahms, as well as Elgar's Land of Hope and Glory, so this is one for the flag-wavers.
In all cases, the stations milked their actions for as much publicity as they could get, and since the country music audience is traditionally made up of flag-wavers, the stations probably benefited from the publicity.