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an extreme bellicose nationalist

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As a media-watcher and flag-waver for Liverpool, I'd argue that the relative absence of Leeds, Sheffield and Bristol from the media radar nowadays is particularly noteworthy.
Thanks - I'll have a Carling," said the fellow flag-waver, before realising his mistake.
Takenaka left the Diet only two years after he was elected to the Upper House as chief flag-waver for Koizumi's reform drive.
The UK's official royal poet says: "I see myself as a town crier, can-opener and flag-waver for poetry.
The fact that the Shearer header, clawed away by keeper John Filan and defender Leighton Baines, was not judged over the line by a flag-waver called Andy Williams only put smiles on Wigan faces.
An entertaining if not especially lively read, the stow switches voices as quickly as its players shift positions: Andrew's mom goes from cheerleading compatriot to squeamish neutral party once she realizes that the couple plan to kiss at the end of the ceremony, and his dad evolves from self-righteous grump to self-congratulating flag-waver by story's end.
At a time when Argentina wanted a flag-waver, Borges contended that mirror images were abhorrent.
Thirty-five years later, antiabortion flag-waver and conservative commentator Pat Buchanan gave the same sentiments an American spin but without music.
Charlie" Bolack - founder of the Grafton News and Grafton Suburban Credit Union among others, entrepreneur, veteran, flag-waver and friend to anyone he ever met - passed away peacefully at home at 6:14 p.
Another prejudiced lout caught in the act last year was anti-Islamic flag-waver Paul Grainger.
Fay, formerly thought to be a bit of a flag-waver for the feminist view, says: "Men were much more strong and silent, but they have all been feminised.
That said, ``Tae Guk Gi,'' which takes its name from the national flag, is no simplistic flag-waver.
Being a good American isn't being a flag-waver or having idealistic parades and all of that.
It's the most blatant American flag-waver since Eroll Flynn won the Second World War singlehanded.
By turns 'ridiculous', 'meddlesome', 'iniquitous' and 'bullying', the baronet's prospective new seat of employment attracted what ire was left from the regular onslaughts on Europe (or more accurately Germany), which seems to have assumed full control of the Union in the mind of the party's latest 'celebrity' flag-waver.