flag waving

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an appeal intended to arouse patriotic emotions


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With mass participation now made possible by the railroad, the monarchs increasingly organized state festivities that involved processions, public cheering, and flag waving.
There's a place for flag waving, but we're not the guys to do it.
They were certainly two flag waving days to remember.
This weekend's event will feature more of the same flag waving and smiles and will end with a prayer vigil at the Greenville County Square.
The flag waving will undoubtedly appeal to some, but that audience would be better served by donating the cost for a movie ticket to Sept.
About this time I should be saying something cute and clever that would tie all this human-relations flag waving to jazz, since that's a focus of the August issues, but no.
Hundred of flag waving ex-pats and schoolkids sang the Republic's national anthem to greet her arrival at Fort Myer Army base.
Santiago said of the book, "From the startling first image of a house ripped in half, to the final joyful flag waving a simultaneous welcome and goodbye, Alison Smith invites us into a world we could never imagine existed in Rochester, New York.
When tea was over a jolly good sing-song was had for all with plenty of opportunity for flag waving.
The evening's entertainment has been organised by the Rotary Clubs of Merseyside and will feature a wide selection of music, culminating in a flag waving finale.
WITH all the flag waving that is currently the fashion, anyone coming into this part of North Wales could be forgiven for thinking they were in the wrong country.
Two eight feet square Boro flags will be waved from the centre of the pitch 15 minutes before the 8pm kick-off to signal the start of a musical medley of Boro favourites followed by a classical compilation to create the flag waving mood.
But my discomfort with excessive flag waving was a mere quibble compared to the position taken by The Nation's Katha Pollitt.
We talked to Lurie, a former Los Angeles magazine film critic and KABC-AM talk-show host, about the film's flag waving, why Americans are still flocking to dark-themed movies and the scene in the film where he briefly reunited Redford and Paul Newman.
The evening will culminate in the traditional finale of Land of Hope and Glory, with plenty of flag waving and hat throwing.