flag down

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When he woke up, he tried to flag down some passing cars for help but he was obviously groggy and maybe people thought he was a bit drunk.
After they got the Union Flag down, they tried to run a tricolour up the flagpole but that was beyond them.
An Asian man, thought to be in his 40s, tried to flag down a woman on the northbound slip road but she refused to stop.
I heard one of them say, ``It's not my flag, man,'' as he reached up and took the flag down.
Now my friends and I always ring for a private hire car, or we'll flag down a black cab -and we always try to travel together.
On England's World Cup campaign, I have spoken to our top flag person Stuart about whether for the duration of the World Cup we should take our Save Our Steel flag down for the World Cup and fly our England St George's flag.
A THIEF making his getaway tried to flag down a minicab - but it was an unmarked police car.
A fleet of 16 black cabs have been decked out with adverts carrying the message Stay Safe, warning people that they will not be insured if they flag down private hire taxis in the street.
With the threat of bird flu hanging in the air, the next time I hear someone so much as suppress a cough in an airport, I'm going to flag down the nearest flight attendant in the hopes that an air marshal will seize the offender, put him in cuffs and a surgical mask and whisk him far, far away.
She tried to flag down passing motorists and eventually raised the alarm at a nearby house.