flag down

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On Friday, a purported advisory from the MMDA that made rounds in various chat groups claimed that starting on March 15, traffic constables would no longer flag down traffic violators since the agency would fully utilize its closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras to catch erring motorists.
The Philippine National Taxi Operators Association (PNTOA) is calling on the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) to approve the higher flag down rate to spare them from a bigger financial burden.
After they got the Union Flag down, they tried to run a tricolour up the flagpole but that was beyond them.
Detectives believe the incident could be linked to another attempt to flag down a car at junction 4a of the M5 at 2.
Officers tried to flag down the Audi A3 on Church Street in Paddock at 2am on Saturday.
Family told that police didn't stop 'because local girls get very drunk and try to flag down police cars for a lift' says mum
I heard one of them say, ``It's not my flag, man,'' as he reached up and took the flag down.
It folds down smaller than a pack of cards, it is waterproof, it reflects your body's heat back to you so it makes an emergency sleeping bag, and it reflects light--in case you need to flag down a plane, person, etc.
O'Neal aided in the arrest of the accused gay bashers by following them until he could flag down a Miami Beach officer.
Stephanie Hammill, a 20year-old travel agent, was walking home with her fiance after a night out in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, when they decided to try to flag down a taxi.
The crazy dreams involved Dave suffering a huge crash but managing to escape from the wreckage to flag down another vehicle for help.