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the captain of a flagship

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Rotheram fought at the Battle of the Saintes, the Battle of the Glorious First of June and was Collingwood's flag captain in the warship Dreadnought and then in Royal Sovereign at Trafalgar.
Heretofore, admirals had consulted no one--or at the very most had looked to a flag captain for a confirming nod of the head.
To begin with, Nelson was as prepared to flog his seamen as most other captains of the day (though not as much as his devoted flag captain, to whom he supposedly uttered the celebrated words, as he lay dying, "Kiss me, Hardy").
In 1793 France declared war on Britain and Collingwood was made flag captain later rising to Admiral and together with Nelson they shared their greatest day at Trafalgar against a combined French Spanish fleet on October 21st, 1805.
His Flag Captain, Edward Berry, recorded the process and concluded, 'With the masterly ideas of their Admiral, therefore, on the subject of Naval tactics, every one of the Captains of his Squadron was most thoroughly acquainted, and upon surveying the position of the Enemy, they could ascertain with precision what were the ideas and intentions of their Commander without the aid of further instruction, by which means signals became almost unnecessary.
One of the first navy officers to command a gunboat on the Mississippi River system, he won the early trust of his commanding officers and served as flag captain for both Andrew H.