flag captain

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the captain of a flagship

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Rotheram fought at the Battle of the Saintes, the Battle of the Glorious First of June and was Collingwood's flag captain in the warship Dreadnought and then in Royal Sovereign at Trafalgar.
In 1793 France declared war on Britain and Collingwood was made flag captain later rising to Admiral and together with Nelson they shared their greatest day at Trafalgar against a combined French Spanish fleet on October 21st, 1805.
3) Lynn Matsunaga, flag captain for the Royal High School dance guard, practices in the school cafeteria.
Judge Orde lives in Chollerton, Northumberland, while nearby Hexham was the home of the Edward Rotherham, the flag captain of Collingwood's ship at Trafalgar, the 100-gun Royal Sovereign.
Peter represented Collingwood's flag captain Edward Rotherham, from Hexham, and Alex played Lieut John Lapenotiere, who carried the original dispatch by sea and by road to the Admiralty and the King.