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a slick spokesperson who can turn any criticism to the advantage of their employer

intense adverse criticism

artillery designed to shoot upward at airplanes

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Flacks, who lives in Monaco with his wife Debbie, and also has homes in Miami and Hale, said, This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I think we ve bought it well after three years of negotiating with all
Rosenthal and Flacks argue that music has been, and continues to be, a formidable weapon for social movements, even while it can be at times, unpredictable and inaccurate.
Royal was within one goal early in the second quarter after Breanna Johnson cut the Highlanders' deficit to 3-2, but Flacks responded with four goals in the period to put Agoura (6-2, 3-0) up 8-3 at halftime.
The Times story also featured Mickey Flacks, an activist with deep connections to Supervisor Rose, Rose ally Wolf and the Santa Barbara County Action Network, or SBCANT.
Flacks was about 10 when she saw her first action against boys and girls who were four to six years older while playing for the Harvard-Westlake water polo foundation.
I was inspired to become an engineer by the hours that I spent playing with Girder and Panel building sets as a child," says Paul Flack, "and when I discovered that these construction sets were no longer in production, my wife and two children decided to revive this educational toy.
Jillian Waldron scored fivegoals and Casey Flack added four to lead the Chargers to a 23-2 rout of the host Lancers in a game in which Agoura dominated with its counterattack.
A relentless defender, Flacks broke the school record with 84 assists and led the Chargers with 66 steals.
Flacks, Eric Kim and Justin Rappel contributed to both of Harvard-Westlake's relay victories, teaming with Andy Kim in the 200-yard medley relay (1 minute, 41.
By the end, all Brian Flacks could do was watch from the pool deck and try to keep from getting cold.
The latest in a family of standout athletes, Flacks wasted little time showing opponents what they'll have to fear for the next few years.
Flacks is the second Chargers player who is the daughter of a Wolverines coach.
Flacks had to miss last year's Southern Section championships with a groin injury but showed Saturday she has fully recovered.
Whether discussing his clutch shooting, a teammate, training or anything else related to the Harvard-Westlake of Studio City boys' water polo team, Brian Flacks kept coming back to the same explanation.