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a flabby softness

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Neurotoxic bite was considered in case of paresthesias, taste and smell abnormalities, ptosis, cranial nerve palsy, general flaccidity, or respiratory paralysis.
The imbalance of arterial inflow and outflow may be caused by disturbances in the mechanism controlling penile detumescence and the maintenance of penile flaccidity due to excess release of contractile neurotransmitter, malfunction of the intrinsic detumescence mechanism, obstruction of draining venules, or prolonged relaxation of intracavernosal smooth muscle (4).
Megaesophagus is an esophageal dysfunction resulting from atony of the esophageal musculature characterized by flaccidity and luminal dilation, as a consequence of segmental or diffused motor dysfunction of the esophageal body (TORRES, 1997).
Moreover, symptoms like loss of motor activity, paralysis and flaccidity were observed.
But the episodes that follow take sides against the Alexandrians and their alleged flaccidity, and the series returns again to its critique of civilian life per se.
The former is more frequent and the latter occurs more often in people with bladder outlet flaccidity, which usually occurs with low injury, such as that of the lumbar spine.
0s), pink mucous membranes, distension of bladder and flaccidity of muscles.
Fortunately postoperative hip instability in this case was not evident regardless of flaccidity in the gluteus medius muscle, which may be caused by compensatory functions in the remaining motor units.
Some of them show external abnormalities such as weakness and flaccidity, blisters, and darkening and thickening of the mantle surface and siphon.
In females, ovaries were assessed and scored on a scale of 1 to 4, from minimum to maximum, for the following parameters: stroma size (mass of small follicles); follicle number; follicle size; amount of retained yolk material, indicating the presence of postovulatory or atretic follicles; oviduct hypertrophy, indicating preparation for egg production; density of membranous covering of ovary; and flaccidity of the vent, also indicating preparation for egg laying.
2% in a skin flaccidity area parameter--leaving them with noticeably tighter and smoother facial skin.
Tracheomalacia is characterized by flaccidity of the tracheal support cartilages which leads to tracheal collapse during expiration especially when increased airflow is demanded.
147, 149), which Ebbatson reads as an inscription of flaccidity.