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a flabby softness

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By definition, spasticity is associated with higher contractile properties within muscle tissue while at rest and therefore should yield higher stiffness and lower compliance values, whereas flaccidity is associated with lower resting muscle activity, lower tissue stiffness, and higher tissue compliance.
While both mechanisms avoid confrontation, they suffer from a consequent flaccidity.
A trained eye may be able to recognize a degree of flaccidity of an ovary that has spawned already.
divided PNES into two seizure types: 1) "major" motor manifestations resembling generalized tonic or clonic seizures, and 2) limpness, unresponsiveness, flaccidity, or "minor" seizures resembling absence-like or short focal seizures (25,43).
Increasing incompetence and flaccidity of Perry appointments across all agencies/issues -- they're down to their C list and falling fast.
We used Western blotting, luciferase assays, atomic absorption spectrometry assays, and MTT [3-(4,5-dimethylthiazol-2-yl)-2,5-diphenyl tetrazolium bromide] assays, and we identified toxicity in mice based on hind-limb flaccidity and mortality.
Even at high doses, animals treated with of VSN16R did not show the limpness and muscle flaccidity, know as the "rag doll effect", that is a characteristic of existing compounds.
Other areas of the face, such as the skin on the cheeks, can be treated to reduce flaccidity and accentuate the shape of the cheekbone.
Gray matter myelitis, which the team considers a vasculopathy, presents with lower motor neuron signs: flaccidity and hyporeflexia, in addition to urinary retention and fever (Arthritis Rheum.
This special treatment, it was said, aimed to increase the volume and diminish the flaccidity of the female genitals, which would help to enhance self-confidence and pleasure.
This move seems to superficially mark the concept of blaxploitation as a reclaiming of the means necessary to represent black American experience beyond the bourgeois flaccidity of the Sidney Poitier problem pictures, "through which a liberalism of conscience was retailed to a broad audience .
One limitation is that the MAS does not discriminate between early stages of motor recovery (Hill et al 1997), as there are no criteria for flaccidity and the movement synergies typical in early stroke onset.
Let them rhapsodize, Ayn Randlike, on the erotic qualities of entrepreneurs and the flaccidity of public and private bureaucracy.
Most of us recognize Saul Bellow's description of the contemporary Zeitgeist--the voguish cynicism, the moral flaccidity, the spiritual deadness, the holding life cheaply: all the hallmarks of another 'lost generation'.