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Synonyms for flabby

Synonyms for flabby

lacking in stiffness or firmness

Synonyms for flabby

out of condition


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His muscles were wasting away, and what were left were soft and flabby.
We had dinner out in that broad open passage be- twixt the house and the kitchen; and there was things enough on that table for seven families -- and all hot, too; none of your flabby, tough meat that's laid in a cupboard in a damp cellar all night and tastes like a hunk of old cold cannibal in the morning.
The appearance of the Admiral, on the other hand, was rosy, and flabby, and moist; his jowl hung over his shirt collar, his smile was loose and wandering, and he had so far relaxed the natural control of his eyes, that one of them was aimed inward, as if to watch the growth of the carbuncle.
Also, she was short and inordinately stout, while her gross, flabby chin completely concealed her neck.
No five-minute boltings of flabby rolls, muddy coffee, questionable eggs, gutta-percha beef, and pies whose conception and execution are a dark and bloody mystery to all save the cook that created them
Ojo placed his hand in the flabby stuffed glove that served the Scarecrow for a hand, and the Scarecrow pressed it so cordially that the straw in his glove crackled.
Now, he licked his chops, and he made a sickening, sucking noise with his flabby lips as he drew in his breath.
Compared with White Fang, they were frail and flabby, and clutched life without any strength in their grip.
There is an enormous freedom in living as long as I have Ex-Bond girl, Jane Seymour who is posing for Playboy, aged 67 Although we think of Ancient Greece quite rightly in some respects as a wonderful, free democratic place, it had a rigid view about excluding those people whose body forms didn't fit - woe betide the elderly or the fat or the flabby Classicist Mary Beard
BAGHDAD, IRAQ (NINA) - Iranian President Hassan Rohani described the Arab League as a, flabby old and ineffective organization.
flabby Fat belly Neil Mortensen, of the Royal College of Surgeons, said: "The evidence is clear, bariatric surgery is highly effective in helping to treat obesity and the long-term effects associated with it.
A chapter on preliminaries covers Tate cohomology and flabby resolutions.
Owners of dumpy dogs, flabby felines and rotund rabbits are being urged to enter their pets into PDSA's Pet Fit Club slimming competition.
UKIP MEP Jill Seymour "Our cultural muscles are being atrophied in a semi-conscious, flabby mainstream" Actress Jessica Hynes baffles her audience during a speech on diversity "It produces enough hot air to melt the slopes.
Our cultural muscles are being atrophied in a semi-conscious, flabby mainstream" - Actress Jessica Hynes (pictured) baffles her audience during a speech on diversity.