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  • adj

Synonyms for flabby

Synonyms for flabby

lacking in stiffness or firmness

Synonyms for flabby

out of condition


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The petite 5ft 1ins actress can now laugh as she stands next to a cardboard cut-out of her old, flabbier self.
Suitable for slim legs and fat tummy (picture 3): ``Go for regular low rise or something a bit higher if you've got a flabbier tummy or love handles, although it is hard to get non-low rise jeans these days.
Some 15% of children in the Unites States are obese, and even the nation's pets are getting flabbier.
THIS week's personal trainer Dave has explained why my upper arms secretly got flabbier without me even noticing.
If you don't have English muffins in the house, you can make an equally tasty, if flabbier, version with split and toasted hamburger buns.
The former world champ looked flabbier than ever pictured in Havana without his shirt, his belly hanging over his jeans and parading a builders cleavage any self-respecting darts player would be proud of.
The script's flabbier than the central character and the story lacks the nail- biting excitement that made the novel compelling.
Long-term use may also weaken the abdominal wall muscles, ultimately making the area even flabbier - the last thing you want.
NO austerity for Cabinet heavyweight Eric Pickles, Jabba the Hutt's flabbier brother.
They are reared in huge pens kilometres out to sea off the West Coast and now make over 50% more in price than their flabbier counterparts from farms in other countries.
If worn too much, they may also weaken your abdominal wall muscles, ultimately leaving the area even flabbier.
3STOP THE SALT Cut back on the amount of salty foods you eat as salt attracts water and can encourage fluid retention, making your thighs look flabbier.