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loose or flaccid body fat

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With this program, people can get rid of fat three times faster than conventional belly fat loss programs - just in time for burning off all that flab gained during the Yuletide festivities
But now, after McCarthy worked tirelessly to fight off the flab, Grant has left him out of the Hammers' 25-man squad.
THIS is a government that waxes eloquent about austerity and cutting flab but its actions suggest it is doing exactly the opposite.
sawaii ticks that were positive by PCR of tick genes (2), 25 (14 nymphs, 6 adult males, 5 adult females) were positive for Borrelia DNA by PCR of flaB.
Today he urged ECHO readers to join him in fighting the flab by committing to get fit through the ECHO-backed city challenge.
CHRISTMAS is over and all I have left to remember it by is about a stone of extra flab.
London, Nov 20 (ANI): Besides protecting house from burglars, a pet pooch can help you and your family shed extra flab - that's what the story of a Brit couple suggests.
But it also recognises our plans for better environments which help us fight the flab and is also recognition of the role town planning plays in creating community well-being.
WITH weighty matters concerning footballers from Wayne Rooney to Andy Reid, one player has been sacked for not fighting the flab.
The fat from inside your liver will be lost at the same rate as the flab you see.
But with the discovery comes a health warning ( don't stop trying to fight the flab.
When your girl is dissing herself--legs, Zits, belly flab, whatever--it's because her serf-esteem is hangin' down to the ground.
Cartoon character Idle Eric is also playing an important role in helping men fight the flab.
Are there any particular exercises that I can do at the gym to help flatten my stomach and tighten up the flab at my underarms and back?
A WELSH seaside resort is taking a lead in the fight against flab by telling walkers how much weight they burn off.