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a long narrow inlet of the sea between steep cliffs


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In the town of Alesund, on the shores of Borgund fjord, I uncovered the history of Norway's fishing capital, from the marine industry which exports 95 per cent of Norway's bacalo - dried, salted cod, to the devastation of the 1904 fire.
No sooner had we docked at Geirangerfjord than we were again experiencing the fjord, albeit in a rather less leisurely way.
After some spectacular scenic cruising through Hardangerfjord - the second longest fjord in Norway and third in the world, with a depth of 800 metres in some places - Boudicca arrives in Eidfjord, a small village, where popular pastimes include kayaking, hiking and cycling.
Star-Oddi, a company who specialise in collecting data on aquatic environments and animal behaviour, has been carrying out experiments such as playing different sounds in the fjord in order to scare the fish back out to sea, hopefully saving many from dying.
Dwarfed by the fjord's enormous icebergs, the boat didn't even have room to house the researchers overnight; except for two nights late in the season when they stayed at a tiny settlement partway up the fjord, they returned to Tasiilaq every evening and made the two-hour trip back into the fjord every morning.
The relationship between the inner fjord sites and the south fjord sites remains uncertain.
The Fjord is what the Morgan used to be; an all purpose work and play horse for a family that can survive the harshest of conditions.
ABOARD THE KONG HARALD -- The ship threaded its way among barren islands, forest-rimmed fjords and strings of snow-frosted mountains.
Norwegian fish farming and processing company Fjord Seafood has acquired a 12.
The goal of this research is to use the distribution of living foraminifera to identify biofacies models that can be used to gain insight into the fjord sedimentology and stratigraphy.
FJORD ESCORTS: We trailed the squad to Hampden and their hotel
Just one and a half hours from Bergen is the fjord town of Voss (which doubles as a ski resort during the winter).
That's only about six miles to the northeast of Skaalvik Fjord, where Keiko showed up unannounced in early September.