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Synonyms for fizzy

Synonyms for fizzy

hissing and bubbling


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They also found that teenagers who said they regularly streamed TV shows with ads were more than twice as likely (139 percent) to drink fizzy drinks compared to someone with low advertisement exposure from streaming TV, and 65 percent more likely to eat more ready meals than those who streamed less TV.
Junk food and fizzy drinks are instrumental in increasing obesity rates in Oman.
Fizzy is exactly that: the leftover child from her parents' divorce.
The report states that the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) has released a report recommending that the UAE tax sugar and fizzy drinks, reduce salt in packed products and have clear food labelling to control diabetes.
Clerk of the course Barney Clifford said yesterday: "The Professional Jockeys Association newsletter contained recommendations from a nutritionist on what should be provided in the jockeys' weighing room catering area, and obviously one wants to adhere to these recommendations so we took away the fizzy drinks.
Plink Fizzy Drain Freshener & Cleaner is packaged on a peggable card with six fizzing tablets per card.
For more than fifty years the Codd bottle, in its various forms and patents, and the patentavoiding variants, provided one of the main methods of containing fizzy drinks in their bottles.
Clearly the companies that market fizzy drinks have done a superb job.
Sugar confectionery manufacturer R Crawford (Northern) has launched Vimto Fizzy Lollipops with individual bar coded sticks in new drawer boxes designed for instant shelf and counter top display.
Now, the medical professionals are sending out one more timely warning about another harmful habit, the addiction to fizzy drinks diet or otherwise.
FIZZY drinks could be just as bad for your teeth as crack cocaine.
MANUFACTURERS of fizzy drinks have hit back at a call by GPs for them to be taxed to help tackle spiralling levels of obesity.
MOTORISTS were hit with traffic chaos last night after a lorry carrying fizzy drinks burst into a ball of flames on the M6.
com)-- An innovative new product designed to prevent a common annoyance related to the enjoyment of carbonated beverages, the Fizzy Soda Saver, has been developed by Michael Blankenship of Santa Fe, Texas.