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Synonyms for fizzy

Synonyms for fizzy

hissing and bubbling


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The report states that the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) has released a report recommending that the UAE tax sugar and fizzy drinks, reduce salt in packed products and have clear food labelling to control diabetes.
Clerk of the course Barney Clifford said yesterday: "The Professional Jockeys Association newsletter contained recommendations from a nutritionist on what should be provided in the jockeys' weighing room catering area, and obviously one wants to adhere to these recommendations so we took away the fizzy drinks.
High days and holidays - limit fizzy drinks to just special occasions to enhance the special nature of your celebration; | don't undo all the good work and the energy spent after activity with a fizzy drink.
Increasingly, schools are banishing fizzy drink machines and not selling sweets in their cafeterias.
Chief executive Paul Moody said market share gains, price increases and more effective promotions had helped the group's fizzy drinks outperform a market that declined 2.
A We don't recommend a specific amount of soft and fizzy drinks that children can have, but it's important for them not to have too much of these drinks, especially between meals.
Fizzy Lizzy Founder on Mission to Teach the New Math
Fizzy drinks could be linked to some cancers of the gullet, scientists have reported.
QMY kids love fizzy drinks and I'm worried they are drinking more than is good for them.
Seb Sanders, making hay while the sun fails to shine this summer, kept up his winning spree with a double on Fizzy Treat and Jewel Of India.
Acts currently scheduled include Shawn J on July 9, DVS on July 16 and Fizzy Lifter on July 23.
FIZZY drinks may "significantly raise" your risk of suffering a cardiac arrest, a study shows.
THEY used to be an occasional treat but now, for many of us, a can of fizzy pop has become a part of our daily diet.