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English illustrator of several of Dickens' novels (1815-1882)

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Loosely translated - if you're going to Dudley, and specifically to the Black Country Living Museum, you had better watch out for the ladies from the Fizzog (it means "face") Theatre Company.
The full-frontal fizzogs (pictured inset) are the latest creations from Dai, aged 76, who has been manoeuvring his versatile features to evoke laughter - that's a good dictionary definition of "gurning" - for 60 years.
A TRY a firm called Fizzogs who make made-to-order mirrors for children.
Tickets PS6 The Fizzogs are a Black Country trio of witty women offering bostin routines ranging from naughty school kids to dancing grannies who have gone viral.
com * THE Fizzogs are going back on the road with the 50 Per Cent Funnier Comedy Tour, featuring many of the personalities from previous sell-out shows such as the Ode Folk, Mags and Barb, the School Kids, Wayne Kerr and compere Barbara Nice (aka TV Janice Connolly).
But in that time she raised the profile of Fizzogs and received invaluable feedback from customers.
Blues must fancy their chances of a good result but then, they did last season and came home with a large portion of Owl egg on their fizzogs.