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English illustrator of several of Dickens' novels (1815-1882)

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Best time to go: You can face those fierce Fizzogs this summer
Almost as soon as we landed we were involved by the group Fizzog.
FIZZOG PRODUCTIONS MAC, Birmingham, 0121 446 3232, Tomorrow.
YOUR Giant fizzog " The boys were also disappointed that show bosses did not appreciate their genius suggestion of a title for the series: The Wanted on E
I find that large, life stuff becomes easier to handle as time etches its high heels on my fizzog and you finally understand the phrase "taking it in your stride".
It was made by Jacky Fellows, Deb Nicholls and Sue Hawkins, who run POSE: Miss January kicks off the year with a Christine community theatre company Fizzog Productions.
A Hollywood star who makes millions of pounds showing off his fizzog to millions of people is not perhaps the best person to campaign for more privacy.
This Sunday Fizzog, which specialises in facepainting and caricatures, will be at Brocksbushes.
While a few of you out there might still balk at the idea of paying excessive attention to your grooming, there's no denying that if you want to look your best, you should at least use some sort of facial scrub now and again to freshen up the old fizzog.
Luckily, having a fizzog more crumpled than a busted concertina made him the go-to-guy for some great hangdog characters like the slobby Oscar in The Odd Couple and the world-weary transport cop in The Taking Of Pelham 123.
Phil Smith, boss of bosses in handicapping, has gone blue in the fizzog telling trainers that their fears are groundless, but it appears to be a dialogue of the deaf and we are paying a price in the area of competitive, top-notch novice chases.
In fact there is a positively frightening fizzog fear factor in football with plenty of our pin-up heroes having had a brush with the ugly stick.
It was a remarkably authentic - and very funny - piece of street theatre, performed by talented girls from Fizzog Productions (www.
Friday Fizzog Productions presents The 50 Per Cent Funnier comedy tour, with the trio of Black Country women compered by Birmingham's Barbara Nice.