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English illustrator of several of Dickens' novels (1815-1882)

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BLACK Country comedy trio Fizzog bring their 50 Per Cent Funnier Comedy tour to Birmingham, compered by Kings Heath's own Barbara Nice.
Not only has the private photographer he hired to capture his flawless fizzog from every angle been taken off the public payroll, he's even binned his Thai Christmas holiday after we revealed the armed heavies needed to foil any interruptions would cost taxpayers pounds 50,000.
And the tortured look on his face as someone mucked up the starters matched to a tee Brando's haunted fizzog at the end of that Francis Ford Coppola Vietnam classic.
Expert image analysts Fizzog, based at the Venture Centre on Sir William Lyons Road in Coventry, have received a pounds 30,000 grant through the new pounds 5.
When Aunty's finest quizzed Sheikh Mo as to the reasons behind Godolphin's current lack of form, it looked even money each of two, a punch in the face or a knee in the groin, such was the dark look that gathered on His Excellency's fizzog.
They were soon surrounded by actors from street theatre group, Fizzog, who embraced their re-enactment and involved them in their own live show of an eviction at the museum.
Go and wash yer donnies" (go and wash your hands), "Come up the wuddenill" (come upstairs) and "Put yer fizzog straight" (stop sulking).
It was made by Jacky Fellows, Deb Nicholls and Sue Hawkins, who run POSE: Miss January kicks off the year with a Christine community theatre company Fizzog Productions.
Luckily, having a fizzog more crumpled than a busted concertina made him the go-to-guy for some great hangdog characters like the slobby Oscar in The Odd Couple and the world-weary transport cop in The Taking Of Pelham 123.
It was a remarkably authentic - and very funny - piece of street theatre, performed by talented girls from Fizzog Productions (www.
Also on the bill is comedian Patrick Monahan, winner of ITV's Show Me The Funny, and comedy group Fizzog.
Mickey Rourke, eat your heart out - her trout pout leaves your fizzog looking like a tiddler's grimace.
We are planning to set up a new company, Fizzog, to exploit this opportunity, in parallel with our existing business in fingerprint analysis for security purposes.