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Synonyms for fizzle

to make a sharp sibilant sound

Synonyms for fizzle

a fricative sound (especially as an expression of disapproval)

a complete failure


end weakly

References in classic literature ?
It may end in fizzle, so I would rather not speak about it to either of you just yet.
It looked as if the great assault threatened for that night were going to fizzle out.
It's like any relationship, it usually just fizzles out and it has fizzled.
In a nutshell: Despite the efforts of a talented cast, this attempt to co-opt Hollywood razzle-dazzle fizzles.
Instead, the object would qualify as a brown dwarf, a body that forms the way stars do but quickly fizzles out.
The conspiracy fizzles, but the "investigative" road trip featuring "testimonies" from Courtney Love's father, addled junkies and ex-friends, becomes a commentary on celebrity bad behavior, celebrity image makeovers and shameless celebrity hypocrisy.
Like any relationship it usually just fizzles out and it has fizzled.