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Synonyms for fizzle

to make a sharp sibilant sound

Synonyms for fizzle

a fricative sound (especially as an expression of disapproval)

a complete failure


end weakly

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If it weighed less than 80 Jupiters, it would have fizzled out relatively soon after it formed.
The deuteronomic school fizzled out when it lost favor after the mission of Ezra.
Gordon Stanfield, president of GSA Media, is an animation filmmaker and producer who once collaborated on a Michael Jackson project that fizzled out when Surgery Boy got bored.
There are more varied reading choices for African Americans than ever, choices that might have fizzled were it not for their talents and sheer numerical invasion of the once lily white publishing world.
Salvadoran economist Rodolfo Quiros at think tank Academia de Centroamerica concurs that the dollar backlash has fizzled.
Quick thinking helped this small business pick up and move on after the Y2K hype fizzled.
Fifteen years ago the environmental technician program was offered at a number of Ontario colleges, but eventually fizzled out as graduate placement rates declined coinciding with downsizing at the Ministry of Environment, Irvine says.
The construction boom in the 1980's had fizzled years before and not shown any signs of recovery to that point.
In the end, the reign of Collins & Milazzo fizzled for the same primal reason it came into being: Times changed, and the art that people wanted to see changed with them.
It fizzled out, however, in the middle of the century to reemerge transformed" in the classical republicanism of the 1650s (2).
These increases were spurred by a lack of lumber, and the housing market as well as the national economy fizzled as prices rose.
Like any relationship it usually just fizzles out and it has fizzled.
But it turned out to be a damp squib and soon fizzled out.
Last month's record-breaking heat wave finally fizzled, but criminal activity sizzled in the San Fernando Valley during that time, contributing to an increase in violent crime, officials said Monday.
Shapiro purports to be a physical comic, but this evening his comedy fizzled.