fizzle out

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Synonyms for fizzle out

die away

Synonyms for fizzle out

end weakly

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And if it doesn't fizzle out, that's when you need to make plans for the future.
Did you happen to hear Trey Wingo call into Collin Cowherd's ESPN Radio show the other day, but then fizzle out and disappear when his cellphone dropped?
Confident enough to cross boundaries into painting and sculpture, yet modest enough to stand as works on paper, Dole-Recio's larger efforts realize the full potential of their scale (unlike, say, Julie Mehretu's slick, overinflated drawings-cum-paintings that fizzle out when seen from a distance).
We lost at Liverpool and we can't let things fizzle out now.
Groups that survive a mass extinction with few intact species could fizzle out just by chance, and Jablonski wondered if this could account for the belated die-offs.
Astronomers now think magnetars have a life span of about 10,000 years before they totally fizzle out in space.
But they are determined that when the bonfire and the fireworks fizzle out, they'll also have something more lasting to remember the new Millennium by.
But take heed New Labour - it could fizzle out like Darlington.