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Synonyms for fizzing

hissing and bubbling


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The bubbles were particularly long-lasting and were still fizzing as I got to the bottom of the glass.
The newest foray for Elements: fizzing bath products, including the minty Fizzing Foot Bath, a foot-shaped tablet of sea salts, citric acid, essential oils, and botanicals that amounts to "a full-senses experience," said Christy.
KG, Stephanskirchen introduce their new concept of family brands for all fizzing candies and dextrose products.
One theory suggests that the magma is boosted by gases fizzing from the material as it nears Earth's surface.
Jones almost doubled his tally early in the second half when his fizzing half volley hit the woodwork.
A FIZZING sensation which is sure to get your tastebuds tingling, this bubbly delight is a sweet combination - but you can bet your life Granny Smith wouldn't approve.
It all started with the Tub Tints fizzing water coloring tablets, which create fun, effervescent colors in the bath and make wash-time an interactive and enjoyable experience for parents and children.
Lush, new to the town's High Street, prides itself on fresh, hand-made cosmetics like fizzing bath bombs, fragrant soaps and frozen shower gels.