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hissing and bubbling


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In future all fizzing candies bear the well-known, but modernized logo "Prickel Pit" as a family brand.
Because of our new brand view on the shelves we have gained considerably more attention from customers and could profit as one of the most well-known fizzing candies: Prickel Pit.
However, the finding doesn't rule out the view that other lava fountains are powered by fizzing lava closer to Earth's surface, says Burton.
The Magic Color Wand comes with two jars of Tub Tints fizzing water coloring tablets and has a SRP of $9.
The book provides suggestions for combining Tub Tint color tablets in order to make new fizzing color combinations in the bath.
He injected such fizzing energy into any room he stood in that it is hard to believe he has been beaten at all.
Lush, new to the town's High Street, prides itself on fresh, hand-made cosmetics like fizzing bath bombs, fragrant soaps and frozen shower gels.
FIZZING AWAY: Charlotte Chamberlain (left), manager of Lush, a new cosmetic shop in Stratford, with assistant manager Gill Levings.
Shake up and squeeze a walnut-size blob of this perfumed fizzing mousse into the palm of your hand then smooth over any dry body bits.
A FIZZING sensation which is sure to get your tastebuds tingling, this bubbly delight is a sweet combination - but you can bet your life Granny Smith wouldn't approve.