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Synonyms for fizzy

Synonyms for fizzy

hissing and bubbling


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However, France shows no sign of a U-turn over its practice of testing the fizziness of Champagne by shooting corks into the eyes of kittens.
The fizziness was just about right and it was nice and fruity, tasting more of sweet ripe red apples than the tangier green ones.
Biting into a pear that had been in a cooler chilled with dry ice, he sensed an unusual fizziness in the fruit.
The gin gives the drink an extra fizziness, hence the name.
A number of readers recommended adding two or three raisins to guarantee fizziness.
But while the movie has a deliberately light-headed fizziness - a champagne buzz, if you will - the 39-year-old actor-director is characteristically sober and thoughtful in explaining his artistic rationale.
It has a fair amount of fizziness and a slightly lower alcohol content than most popular bottled beers.
The purpose of bringing him here was to get the fizziness out of him," added McCoy, who will partner My Tent Or Yours for boss JP McManus in the two-mile feature at the Cheltenham Festival Kingw Sa M par next month.
Up from the beach, into the Merrie Friars for trifles and jellies, peaches and cream, ice cream and drinKs of surpassing fizziness.
He stood alongside the boy looking down at the fizziness of lights, at the bulk of shadow.
Some refermentation takes place and the beer bursts out with a remarkable fizziness.
But, when I drank it, the spirit had lost nearly all the fizziness, which was a bit disappointing.
Fizziness aside, Poet's Voice also has the not inconsiderable matter of a stronglooking field to deal with, including a couple of rivals who are likely to be pestering him up front if Dettori decides to play it that way.