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Synonyms for fizzy

Synonyms for fizzy

hissing and bubbling


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4 seconds, topped out at 129mph - and all at 31mpg - and produced a pleasant trumpeting from a throaty exhaust which left the impression it was a much fizzier car that it actually was.
Several presenters explored the boundaries of transformation, from personal metamorphosis to the rearranging of molecules: Chef Jeff Henderson related his journey from crack cocaine-dealing street kid, through federal prison, to becoming the first African-American to hold the executive chef position at Cafe Bellagio in Las Vegas; Dave Arnold, director of technology at the French Culinary Institute, whirled through his experiments in carbonating gin to create a fizzier gin and tonic; and twenty-two-year-old whiz kid Ben Roche, pastry chef at Moto Restaurant in Chicago, described Moto's mission to "transmogrify" food.
It doesn't take characteristics away, it just may make it fizzier.
Kissair goes by the name of Rabbit now - ``someone said he looked like Peter Rabbit and the name stuck'' - and does a fair amount of crosscountry, a spot of showjumping at small shows and plenty of hacking around, occasionally regressing to the fizzier days of his youth - ''he loves going fast, sometimes he's 14 going on 3''.
Turkey's one of the more awkward meats to team with wine: It's got a pretty strong flavour which can swamp lighter, fizzier stuff, while a too heavy red can, in turn, overface the meat.
As Crack Away Jack draws nearer, the mind is cast back to how, six weeks ago, he showed the fizzier side of his nature when confronted by a Racing Post photographer in the tall grass beside the gallop, leaping off the ground, tossing back his head and nutting Fenton on the conk.
SERIOUS newspaper journalists do not always step surely into the fizzier atmosphere of television's topical shows.
The fizzier, more colourful and less healthy the product the better, it seems.
Although Phil admits that Boy Wonder is fizzier than a Sherbert Dab, he's deadly serious about his music.