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Synonyms for fixity

the quality of being fixed in place as by some firm attachment

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She paused, then, without giving any sign of distress, added, "It's so difficult," and looked at me with a strange fixity, as if watching for a sign of dissent or surprise.
Tenders are invited for supply and installation of display case with wooden deck with teak wood planks 20 mm thick on 4 sides and top with suitable fixity to bottom and sides with iron frame finished with epoxy paint.
Rami believes that the weakness of the tourism movement and the poor state of the tourism sector have caused the low hotel prices fixity.
Two values were measured and calculated; one is strain recovery rate and the other is strain fixity rate.
Theirs was an 'art without time', of a naturalism heightened to the point of extraordinary fixity and clarity of form, as though transcending any contingent circumstances.
By maintaining preservation information such as fixity and provenance as specified by the OAIS model, AXF further enables effective long-term archiving of content.
Gone are the days when we defined oneness in terms of fixity, rigidity, and uniformity.
Meanwhile, the war criminal (clearly, this column is not the first to call him that) who runs the regime in Damascus needs no sleeping pills to have a good night's rest, unconcerned as he is about the ritual terror he is inflicting on his people, about the wounds that will gnaw at the psyche of a whole generation of Syrian children - and he will continue doing it, all to guard the shrill fixity of his grasp on power.
What's the point of the whole legislative process -- of crafting various provisions through give-and-take negotiation -- if you cannot rely on the fixity of the final product, on the assurance that the provisions bargained for by both sides will be carried out?
John Dewey provides a philosophy of nature rife with questions of contexted-function, education, ecological balance, and in general, an analysis of nature that understands that fixity will not work, in the pragmatist sense of work, and consequently, that survival necessitates change.
He also rejected Darwin's theory of natural selection, instead believing in the fixity of species created by God.
The prevailing Aristotelian system, its linguistic structure, and its fixity or rigidity consequentially still seem to be looming large over the critical domain in terms of interpretation of the diasporic production.
Among the topics are the emergence of modern racism, colonial representations in primary and secondary school readers, racial fixity and the invention of human types, a "Guinean village" at the Lisbon Industrial Exhibition (1932), and the exotic versus familiar status of the colonized populations at the exhibitions.
As Darwin realized while reading Lyell, uniformitarianism suggests not fixity but fluidity, not taxonomic integrity but the possibility of evolutionary transformation; thus, divorced from Lyell's carefully constructed conservative rhetoric, uniformitarianism was decidedly anti-teleological and dangerously radical.
To convey the imagined experience of this period, Poole introduces the intriguing concept of Ovidian physics: an epistemology of material reality that allows both for a fixity of space and for the destabilizing experience of sudden metamorphosis.