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Synonyms for fixity

the quality of being fixed in place as by some firm attachment

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A tinge of wildness in her aspect was derived from the black veil hanging like a rag against her cheek, and from the fixity of her black gaze where the light of the room was absorbed and lost without the trace of a single gleam.
She paused, then, without giving any sign of distress, added, "It's so difficult," and looked at me with a strange fixity, as if watching for a sign of dissent or surprise.
And before the normal fixity of her enigmatical eyes the smoke of the cigarette ascended ceremonially, straight up, in a slender spiral.
In his functions, or in presence of strangers, he never laid aside the majesty that time had impressed upon his person; and the habit of frowning with his heavy eyebrows, contracting the wrinkles of his face, and giving to his eyes a Napoleonic fixity, made his manner of accosting others icy.
The fixity of her mood was broken by the action of walking.
Suppose we turn from outside estimates of a man, to wonder, with keener interest, what is the report of his own consciousness about his doings or capacity: with what hindrances he is carrying on his daily labors; what fading of hopes, or what deeper fixity of self-delusion the years are marking off within him; and with what spirit he wrestles against universal pressure, which will one day be too heavy for him, and bring his heart to its final pause.
Her victim tried to turn away, hiding her face in her hands and kneeling behind a woman; but the reptile, with unblinking eyes, stared on with such fixity that I could have sworn her vision penetrated the woman, and the girl's arms to reach at last the very center of her brain.
They stood looking into each other's eyes with a strange fixity, for what seemed an eternity, before any dared to move; and then, as though they feared what they should see, they bent over the form of the Outlaw of Torn for the first time.
He listened as well, but he stared, unconscious of the fixity of his gaze or of the fact that all that was essentially masculine in his nature was shining in his eyes.
For this class of SMPs, shape fixity and recovery have been stated to range anywhere from 65 to 96% and 56 to 100% depending on the composition (soft segments length and/or molecular weight distribution and hard segment content) (5), (10), (17), (38).
Confrontations over the fixity of temperature scales and their inter-comparisons continued until the work of Henri Victor Regnault in the 1840's who applied only the test of comparability, that is, self consistency to thermometers, introducing the principle of single-valuedness into thermometry.
Its opponents for their part insisted on the literal interpretation of those scriptural passages that allude to the motion of the heavens or the fixity of the earth.
Finally, Schirosi defines the unity of the volume by stressing the ambiguity of both Monelle and her 'sisters', representing a child-like 'innocence' in rejecting or ignoring the adult world and its rules, the victory of jeu over travail, of change over fixity and stability, and of dream over reality.
But in Paradise Ruby comes to exemplify the dangers of home based on sameness, unity, and fixity, whereas the Convent becomes an "open house" where women of unidentified race convene, move through, and transform the layers of historical accretion.
Tenant right was ill defined and much more complicated than the hallowed three "Fs" of free sale, fixity of tenure, and fair rent.