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the quality of being fixed in place as by some firm attachment

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sustainability); on the plane of transcendence are shorter-term, more tangible and localized plans, seen as temporary fixities (e.
They are flexible, temporary fixities created with the awareness that there is no single, deterministic solution.
They recognize that these traditions contain regenerative powers that individuals alone could not produce and yet can also be a source of debilitating false fixities.
The emblematic also shares much with the moral fixities of character writing, but there is nothing about Theophrastus here: a pity in that the famous New Year 1600 marzipan plates from Knole in this genre (now in the V&A) are a splendid example of the various kinds of referent that Bath also notes in emblem literature.
Retallack's project is to re-energize the potential of the literary feminine not merely as subversion but as a refusal of centers, fixities and frames - and to reclaim for a specifically female canon of poets, from Cha to Carla Harryman and Tina Darragh (and looking back to Gertrude Stein and Mina Loy) the literary location of this newly found energy.
CY~ elasticity can be used to interpret equation (2) further: |Delta~ ln C/|Delta~ ln Y = (|Delta~C/|Delta~Y)Y/C = MC/AC differs from one if either nonconstant returns (long run fixities) or short run fixities exist.
Conditions (finalities, modes of being), which are static, structural, and knowable, are the source of fixities.
To this end, it seeks to "to reveal aspects of cultures in transition that may shift stereotypes and fixities of 'Otherness.