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the quality of being fixed in place as by some firm attachment

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It usually comes only by penetrating false fixities, interrogating our reactions to other people and ideas as they appear both in texts and in ordinary experience, and thereby also identifying those features of ourselves that most fundamentally characterize us.
I would, incidentally, even defend the far more controversial claim that practitioners of this kind of religious ethics are also concerned with the false fixities that define all religious perspectives and, therefore, that their work manifests a radical kind of self-reflexivity and indeterminacy.
6) For a treatment of the fallacy of false fixities, see Hampshire, Innocence and Experience, pp.
As discussed in more detail in Morrison (1988b), Morrison and Schwartz (1995), and Morrison and Siegel (1997, 1999), short-run input fixities can be accommodated by constructing a variable cost function G(p, x, Y, t), where p now includes only variable input prices and the quasi-fixed inputs are represented by the K components of the x vector.
Ck] elasticities reflect the part of the total cost-output relationship deriving from short-run fixities.
In the four-digit SIC measures, for example, only a 6-13% deviation between cost and output changes appears unexplained by short-run fixities and external factors for manufacturing on average (and similarly for the two-digit level industries).
There I found, as all poets do, the treasurable inscriptions and fixities which are the powerful outcome of tradition and precedent.
I knew, without yet being able to reason it out, that this was one of the oldest, most commanding fixities in poetry, responsible for the beauty of the erotic object in the poem.
I intend them as quickly-taken snapshots of the ways women poets are rewriting the old fixities of the sexual and erotic; are reassembling a landscape where subject and object are differently politicized; where expression, far from being an agent of power, may be an index of powerlessness.
Through exploring the ways Carr reconceptualizes notions of home and homeland and creates an alternative, complex, fragmented, open theatrical image of nationhood, Cerquoni appears to position Carr among postmodern thinkers negotiating unhomeliness within or against the seeming fixities of home and rootedness of identity.
Allowing for fixities requires one more step; the numerator of both the primal and cost share-weights for the fixed inputs as well as the denominator of the cost shares must be adapted.
Empirical Evidence on Markups, Fixities and Economic Performance
The independent effects of short and long run fixities can be distinguished from the two components TABULAR DATA OMITTED of ||Epsilon~.