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Synonyms for fixedness

the quality of being fixed in place as by some firm attachment

the quality of being fixed and unchangeable

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However, these methods can suffer from a number of cognitive limitations, including functional fixedness, in which the solutions considered are strongly constrained by the real-world experience of those engaged in the idea generation process (Lilien et al.
McConnell asserts: "What I wanted for these pieces, given their flippant, meandering genesis and construction, was a sense of undeniable fixedness in their completion.
But I believe that, leaning tow'rds them, he Just felt their hair carried across his face As each girl passed him; nor gave ear to trace How many feet; nor bent assuredly His eyes from the blind fixedness of thought To know the dancers.
Literature in psychology considers functional fixedness (the tendency to think of using objects only as they have been used in the past) and mental set (the impact of past experience on present problem solving: specifically the tendency to retain methods that were successful in the past even if better alternatives now exist) as the factors that interfere with effective problem solving (Baron, 2008).
Wordsworth's poetic theory thereby marks as illusory "the fixedness or at least the fixability" of the art which theory, qua judgment, requires (116).
Daly analyzes the differences among various theorists past and present regarding the fixedness or variability of human needs, who requires welfare, and the appropriate division among the state, community, family, and market in providing services.
While it is recognized as a central element and target of patriarchal oppression, its perceived fixedness and controllability have made it appear useless for a theory that would aim to change women's position in society (Grosz, 1994).
Expecting a dialogue but getting demands, Chief White Bird's face "assumed the condition of impassability, of rigid fixedness, while in council, and probably for fear that some passing event, some look or work, might surprise him into the betrayal of the slightest emotion, he kept his immense ceremonial hat on and placed a large eagle's wing in front of his eyes and nose.
In either case, niyamata (niyama with the abstract suffix -ta) means the fixedness and inevitability of, e.
In exploring text-type fixedness, however, regardless of the expectations, the researcher will never know exactly how a specific text is structured in terms of standardized patterns, until the most characteristic, recurrent strings of lexical items are revealed.
Before undertaking the task of locating and counting FLSs, I held three meetings with my assistants to inform them about the identification and classification procedures to be adopted, for example, focus on formal criteria of non-compositionality and fixedness (Read & Nation, 2004) to identify formulaic sequences that are either fixed or partly compositional.
Individuals who have been socialised in particular ways of acting and experience functional fixedness are unable to consider alternative processes or uses for particular objects.
Drawing initially on Lacan's articulation and criticism of "geometral perspective" in Seminar XI, Tuhkanen suggests that white subjects, too, are characterized by a fixedness in which they imagine themselves as entirely distinct from, unaffected by, and knowledgeable about the objects they perceive.
The apparent lack of fixedness in the written word is not a sign of weakness in Jones's works; it is a sign of strength, representing the infinite possibilities the universe offers to those willing to accept those possibilities, and the power of the creative imagination to undermine and to moderate potentially coercive power or authority.