fixed phagocyte

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a phagocyte that does not circulate in the blood but is fixed in the liver or spleen or bone marrow etc

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This project is part of an effort to develop tools to assess the immune system of lobsters, specifically using the activity of the fixed phagocytes of the digestive gland as an indicator.
The wall of the terminal arterioles is formed by flattened endothelial cells, and the fixed phagocytes are attached to the outer surface of the endothelium (Factor & Naar 1990).
Cuenot described "l'organe phagocytaire" associated with the final branches (terminal arterioles) of the hepatic artery (1903), studied the concentration of injected ink in 43 species of European decapods (1905), and is generally recognized for discovery of the ubiquitous occurrence and importance of these fixed phagocytes of the digestive gland (Johnson 1987).
ABSTRACT The fixed phagocytes are noncirculating cells in the digestive gland (hepatopancreas) of the American lobster (Homarus americanus) and other decapod crustaceans.
The relative importance of the fixed phagocytes of the digestive gland, compared with phagocytic cells in circulation and in the gills, has not been determined.
This early evidence shows that environmental conditions may alter the activity of the immune system, and that the fixed phagocytes play an important (if not well understood) role in cellular immunity.