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nonvolatile animal or plant oil


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However, while studying sapogenins in different morphological parts of balanites fruit, it was oberserved that a considerable proportion of fixed oil was present in the woody tissue surrounding the kernels (the endocarp).
sativa seed fixed oil was received as gift sample from Manish Herbals, Mandsaur, Madhya Pradesh.
nucifera seeds fixed oil possess promising therapeutic potential as a new antifungal and antileishmanial agent.
The oil pressure level was obtained by fixed oil pump dependent on the engine speed.
We are nowhere near the point of diminishing returns in engineering software for better-performing offshore structures - ranging from shallow water fixed oil platforms to deep water tethered wind farms - particularly as to their safety and resilience.
Cinnamon seeds contain 33 per cent fixed oil, formerly used for making candles.
Within these accounting reforms, the non-oil gross domestic product (GDP) can be calculated on the grounds of fixed oil prices that increase by small rates according to the actual increase in the price of oil barrel for a fixed period of one year.
aEconomic assessments of energy efficiency measures normally use fixed oil prices when accounting for economic benefits.
A TEESSIDE company's work on dismantling the largest fixed oil platform ever to be removed from the North Sea has been under the spotlight from members of a leading industry safety forum.
Lake said that oil and gas companies were using larger FPSOs more, instead of fixed oil platforms, as they developed wells in politically sensitive areas such as west Africa.
The company has just completed the design of an access gangway from a vessel to a fixed oil platform for the Sakhalin Energy Investment Company, Sakhalin Island, Russia.
She combines production, storage and offloading facilities and is particularly useful for getting oil in very deep water where it would be difficult to position a fixed oil platform.
Rather than depend on fixed oil change schedules that may not be suitable for all situations, the monitoring system customizes oil change schedules based on the vehicle's engine and transmission type, as well as on an individual's driving habits.