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nonvolatile animal or plant oil


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She combines production, storage and offloading facilities and is particularly useful for getting oil in very deep water where it would be difficult to position a fixed oil platform.
We are nowhere near the point of diminishing returns in engineering software for better-performing offshore structures - ranging from shallow water fixed oil platforms to deep water tethered wind farms - particularly as to their safety and resilience.
As a result of biodegradation of high molecular weight hydrocarbons there is a release of new portions of oligomers [16], which explains the fluctuations in the fixed oil content of soil samples.
Today, MTN offers services and solutions to cruise lines, ferries, commercial ships, mobile and fixed oil and gas vessels, mega yachts and government entities.
9 billion earlier in August 2012 to build five fixed oil production and processing platforms that will be used for work offshore Africa.
Recently it has been shown that either fixed oil or NS seed affected blood homeostasis in rats and seems to induce transient changes in the coagulation activity (Zaoui et al.
We also have approximately 75% of our estimated current oil production hedged for the 45-month period from April 2003 through December 20, 2006 based on NYMEX Oil Swap Contracts at fixed oil prices per barrel of $24.
We investigated the toxicity of the fixed oil of Nigella sativa L seeds in mice and rats through determination of [LD.
The Jade Diary," a twenty-minute video, documented the installation of ExxonMobil's Jade platform, the first fixed oil platform off the coast of Equatorial Guinea in Africa.
Warmer weather and costs associated with liquidating fixed oil purchase commitments, as a result of market prices dropping, were primarily responsible for the dilution.
Today, MTN offers services and solutions to cruise lines, commercial ships, mobile and fixed oil and gas vessels, mega yachts, government entities and aviation customers.
The links can be used for such applications as interconnecting corporate backbones, enterprise networks, dedicated secure private telephone/data communications, as well as industrial applications including the connection of oil drilling platforms with fixed oil storage platforms.