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Synonyms for idea

Synonyms for idea

that which exists in the mind as the product of careful mental activity

something believed or accepted as true by a person

intuitive cognition

a method for making, doing, or accomplishing something

the gist of a specific action or situation

Synonyms for idea

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Likewise, conservative means nothing if you have no fixed idea of what it is you'd like to conserve.
Having a fixed idea of how much you want to spend is a good starting point, followed by the scribbling down of all the horses you'd like to put in if you had millions to spend.
Furst provides a very interesting introduction to the pre-Freudian world, complete with demons and so-called physical manifestations of mental illness, then offers the original reports on nervous exhaustion, sexual psychopathy, aphonia and its treatment by hypnosis, traumatic paralysis, male hysteria, amnesia, and the fixed idea.
The standard this year is phenomenal and because no one has a really fixed idea of who Nancy is, it's a really broad range of people," says Graham, 44.
You see, they had a fixed idea about how the chains packed themselves.
Stern's fixed idea about the teaching of phonics obscures the central point in our curriculum reforms: phonics is essential to reading instruction, but it is not the only essential skill.
In Nostromo, Holroyd is described as "a frightful phenomenon--a will haunted by a fixed idea," Emilia Gould as a "woman with the genius of sympathetic intuition," and Decoud as a man of thought, "incorrigible in his skepticism.
We did not have any fixed idea of what our appropriate c-section rate would be, but we thought we could get it to 10%," Dr.
We have a fixed idea that it's too early, but for the kids it's never too early,'' she said.
In the letter, Hayashi did not touch directly upon the poisoning cases allegedly committed by his wife, but asked, ''Isn't it true that people can learn nothing when they have a fixed idea that this person is evil or outrageous?
The head of the pubescent girl, Central Casting's fixed idea of Satan's fixation, spins furiously as a sign, along with projectile vomiting, of the devil's presence.
Functionality could make way for fragrance, but the French have a very fixed idea of what constitutes 'fragrance' - understandably for a nation that invented it and counts Chanel and other famous names as part of its heritage.
Persisting in keeping a fixed idea about a certain situation prevents you from getting the true picture.
It's one of those thing that shocks you when you go somewhere with a fixed idea and it's beautiful.
For as long as we keep the door open to discrimination and prejudice, we are always at risk of justifying discrimination and prejudice against any group who does not marry well with a fixed idea of "the ideal citizen".