fixed disk

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a rigid magnetic disk mounted permanently in a drive unit

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Its fixed disk drive adheres to industry standards and is fully compatible with a wide range of operating systems.
Included in the flexible packages are Pentium(R), II and III processors, cache sizes up to 512KB, wide selection of memory in DIMM and SIMM, Ethernet/Fast Ethernet 10/100 Base-T, Audio/VGA/LCD, Fixed Disk Drive, Hard Disk Drives and CD-ROM.
0 and has a minimum of two megabytes of available fixed disk space.
New side-access drive installation ensures more room for drive cabling and allows fixed disk drives to be installed or removed without tools or screws.
NovaDisk software is ideal for safeguarding valuable data on desktops, laptops or network clients and can back up to any kind of removable or fixed disk drive.
All that's needed is an IBM or IBM-compatible personal computer with at least 512K of random access memory, a personal computer modem (300 to 9600 baud), a printer and a fixed disk drive.
Designed primarily for home and home office use, the Alliance 760 system features a 124MB fixed disk drive, as well as a 1.
The Model 120, now shipping worldwide to Compaq Marketing Partners, includes a 120-Megabyte Fixed Disk Drive and has a U.
where he innovated the first programmable controller for fixed disk storage in the mainframe environment.
Models are available with a range of storage capacities from either fixed disks or hot-swappable removable drives.
This policy-based security solution offers improved encryption for personal data management, removable storage and white-listed devices, as well as increased security for fixed disks.