fixed costs

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a periodic charge that does not vary with business volume (as insurance or rent or mortgage payments etc

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Yet some customers account for more of EWEB's fixed costs than others.
Unlike discretionary items, fixed costs are accepted from the beginning, often in the form of a formal agreement with an outside party.
For further calculations we defined variable, specific and common fixed costs as follows:
To understand flexibility within a budget, one must understand the two components of cost: fixed cost and variable cost.
As a result, GMR Infra is seeking to recover fixed costs like capital costs and maintenance from the state distribution firm, which purchases power from it.
It allowed me to negate the fixed costs of regional offices headed by managers, and instead became a revenue generator.
If a room is set aside exclusively for business purposes, where fixed costs are claimed, then the Principal Private Residence exemption will not apply to the gain arising on this part of the house once the house is sold.
The total of all of the fixed costs is the minimum amount of profit that a business has to make to stand still and stay in business.
If each of these firms had a down year and operated at 5% less, Ewer, Keller, and Olson would suggest that the companies each record a period expense of the 5% of fixed costs that they did not use that year.
Second, many short-run fixed costs can be avoided and therefore are not sunk.
For a G&T cooperative, almost all of the costs of its generation and transmission plant are fixed costs.
Arguments for large operators focus on their size and the inherent benefits, such as the ability to scale fixed costs in networks and IT, a stronger bargaining position with suppliers and internal sharing of best practices.
For example, a company that manufactures its own products or provides services using its own staff will tend to have a higher proportion of fixed costs.
Finnish industrial food company Lannen Tehtaat Oyj said on Tuesday (7 February) that it would be cutting fixed costs permanently to improve the cost efficiency of the group.