fixed costs

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a periodic charge that does not vary with business volume (as insurance or rent or mortgage payments etc

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This analysis reveals significant differences between the four sessions with low fixed costs and the high cost treatment.
Fixed costs do not change in total regardless of the volume or level of activity.
Assume further that 60 percent ($60,000) of this budget represents fixed costs and the remaining 40 percent ($40,000) represents variable costs.
After making your calculations, divide the total fixed costs by your average contribution margin per unit to determine your break-even point.
When the fixed costs and the variable costs per unit are known, an analysis can be made of total cost based on the number of units produced.
When the majority of fixed costs are recovered through sales volumes and those sales volumes are lower than expected, the recovery of fixed costs fall short of the level needed to support ongoing operations of a natural gas distribution system.
The fixed costs are then totalled: (350 [pounds sterling] x 2) + 200 [pounds sterling] + 120 [pounds sterling] + 80 [pounds sterling] + 300 [pounds sterling] = 1,400 [pounds sterling].
Most textual treatments ignore the role DOL variables other than fixed costs play.
Alongside large differences in the value of lamb produced, the particularly wide variation recorded in fixed costs - from over pounds 1.
Since housing cooperatives cannot fully control or effectively cap these fixed costs, they have turned their attention to the only controllable option currently available: refinancing mortgages to lower the cost of the debt.
The upside is that once a manufacturer reaches breakeven in sales, the point at which fixed costs are covered, profits accrue very quickly because of the relatively low variable cost per unit produced.
Fixed costs include such items as utilities, vehicle lease payment and rent.
A large part of economic size is covering the fixed costs associated with producing the services.
Additional outlets also can lower distribution and servicing costs through fewer human interventions or by leveraging fixed costs.
The result is that, in addition to the inability to report profitability on both a variable (revenue less all variable costs including non-manufacturing variable costs) and full (revenue less variable and fixed costs including non-manufacturing fixed costs) cost basis, the software isn't able to measure the true profitability of individual castings or customers.