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a periodic charge that does not vary with business volume (as insurance or rent or mortgage payments etc

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Bandwidth costs are all over the map, and the less you pay, the more streams you need to deliver to offset the fixed cost.
By contrast, special investigations or one-time tests would not ordinarily be considered part of the audit's fixed cost.
For this discussion, Special Interest (or pass-through) appropriations are not included in the list below because by their specific purpose when appropriated, they are fixed cost.
If each of these firms had a down year and operated at 5% less, Ewer, Keller, and Olson would suggest that the companies each record a period expense of the 5% of fixed costs that they did not use that year.
The only way the cost of an asset is an unavoidable fixed cost is if no alternative use of the asset exists and payments for it would occur whether or not production occurs.
For years, many cooperatives did not pay specific attention to fixed cost recovery in rates.
At least in the very short run, rent, sales management, technology, health and welfare benefits, licensing, compliance/supervision, marketing, training and wholesaling support are fixed costs.
Part of its strategy has been not to over expand its factory and to keep its fixed costs constant while staying true to the company's mantra of being "flexible, agile, inventive and creative.
We assume salary to behave like a variable cost when the division leaves the group, since the group will no longer be paying this as a fixed cost.
When labor is considered a fixed cost, there is no budget to meet such changes in resident care needs.
Alvarez, Atkeson, and Kehoe analyze the effects of open market operations on interest rates and exchange rates in a model in which agents must pay a Baumol-Tobin style fixed cost to exchange bonds and money.
What's before me is a time line, a fixed cost, we won't be seeing (cost overruns) and there will be control of the quality of work,'' Castro said.
The fixed cost does not change with volume; however, the fixed cost per test fluctuates as volume changes.
This difference in behavior at low and high fixed cost levels is statistically significant.