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responding to or operating at a wide band of frequencies


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However, copper-based DSL will continue to be the main technology for fixed broadband in Oman, accounting for 43.
The main challenge ahead is less about technology than finding the money and the overall commitment to building out fixed broadband networks more aggressively, Perrin added.
This VULA (Virtual Unbundled Local Access) agreement, financial details of which were not available, enables Tele2 to offer new and existing customers higher fixed broadband speeds of up to 100Mb/s.
Vodafone, which is advancing its position in the country's mobile segment, must consider allotting more resources to the fixed broadband segment so that customers in the country will further benefit from communication technology.
designs, develops, manufactures and markets fixed broadband wireless systems that enable telecommunications companies, wireless systems operators and network providers to offer high-speed Internet access to businesses and residences.
Huawei expects the next three years will be a turning point for fixed broadband development.
While Nawras will, at first, offer fixed broadband services to more than 54 per cent of the population, the number will rise to 81 per cent by the middle of next year, officials said.
The telecom service provider has laid more than 1,500 kilometres of fibre optic cable Eoe1/4" around 10km cable are being laid every day Eoe1/4" to bring fixed broadband Internet services to homes and offices.
SINGAPORE -- Worldwide fixed broadband market continues to grow across different regions to reach 618.
A subscription product first published in June 2010 reveals the many different fixed broadband offerings available in the 66 countries surveyed.
The amount of fixed broadband access means that 39 percent of urban Brazilian households have high-speed internet.
This Report explores results from our Connected Consumer Survey that relate to the behaviour and preferences of fixed broadband customers.
70% of fixed broadband connections will be on next-generation networks in the CEE region by 2019, while LTE will account for 32% of mobile SIMs
Nearly, 15,900 fixed broadband and 9,000 fixed voice subscriptions, 29,000 cable-tv subscriptions and 10,000 mobile subscriptions, in being incorporated in AinaCom's consumer operations.
Plusnet Ranks Highest in Customer Satisfaction among Fixed Broadband Service Providers in the UK, While O2 Ranks Highest among UK Mobile Broadband ISPs for a Third Consecutive Year