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a compound (such as ethanol or formaldehyde) that fixes tissues and cells for microscopic study

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a varnish dissolved in alcohol and sprayed over pictures to prevent smudging

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Kneaded erasers, eraser pencils, blending stumps, spray fixative,
When the condition is mild or medium, a conservative treatment could be applied - a fixative between the foot's big and index toes, put in a way so the big toe is aligned properly.
Advantage[TM] 4910 fixative polymer is a terpolymer composed of multifunctional monomers delivering exceptional stiffness, hold, and lasting humidity resistance to hair.
What "normal" is turns out to depend significantly on the fixative used.
Literature evidence concerning the effects of fixationassociated preanalytical factors on protein endpoints was limited to IHC analysis and included fixative composition, fixation duration and temperature, and methods used to expedite formalin penetration.
On the other hand, even when the animals do not respond to tactile stimuli, very short relaxation times can cause a delayed contraction of the organisms when immersed in the fixative.
Specifically, the FDA observes that the Instructions For Use (IFU) in the original 510(k) submission stated that the user must "Wash the collection membrane with fixative solution into the collection vialO" and the current IFU states "Oapply one spray of Saccomanno's Fixative to the collection membraneO" and that "this change fixes the NAF specimen to the filter paper rather than washing it into a collection vial.
The fixative then captures and fixes radioactive materials, metals and other contamination in place.
Then we used the obtained compound as a new fixative in the stabilization of herbal tissues for SEM imaging," Dr.
Combe International boasts a range of brands from men's haircolour to feminine hygiene to denture fixative seals.
The specimens should be immediately put in a proper fixative i.
Those factors that can be standardized include the time the specimen is at room temperature, the tem perature of the room, the type of fixative used, and the time the biospecimen is spent in the fixative, and the rate of freezing.
To develop a convenient healthy food snack, partially hydrogenated vegetable fat, used as the flavor fixative agent, was replaced by a non-fat-flavoring solution that was enriched with inulin and oligofructose.
PAMPERED convicts are furious because their "tuck shop" goodies have been slashed - leaving them with no false teeth fixative, snack bars or custard creams to dunk in their tea.