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The study comprised of 25 patients who had undergone scleral fixated IOL at retina clinic by single surgeon under standard operative conditions.
After a solo, impressive Karen More took over as leader; physically supple and fixated on keeping everyone on a communal path, she passed on her moves like a gift or dictum.
1 ITV commentator Jon Champion became extraordinarily fixated with bearded Mexican manager Ricardo La Volge.
Sample worksheets, checklists, and self-test quizzes designed to wean the reader from feeling sorry for oneself and get fixated on the future enhance the simplistic yet forceful text.
Bush was so fixated on the devastation and suffering in the region that he failed to sense a conservative backlash.
Schor's scholarly study of 300 children found that rather than feeling powerful, children fixated on shopping are more likely than others to feel anxious or depressed.
While the public was fixated on this partisan bickering, the administration and its allies laid down a critical ideological marker.
Epstein claims the fight against cancer is fixated on lifestyle factors like smoking, obesity, physical activity, and nutrition.
Berman regales his fixated readers with historical versions of major volcanos that have erupted throughout history to set a menacing and terrifying tone to an already viscerally anguished situation, which ratchets up when a leak is discovered in a nearby nuclear plant that is no doubt creating the radioactive lava:
95) receives Franette Liebow's smooth and steady reading, bringing to life the story of Blair Mallory, the owner of a thriving fitness center who has to handle a fixated customer who imitates her style and dress--and who is murdered.
To add to the problem, the senior pilot in that aircraft was known to have difficulties dealing with emergencies (he often fixated on specific issues and didn't talk to his crew) and had not flown a night mission in several months.
Move the pink ball close to the robot's chest and his head and torso tilt down, his eyes cross and remain fixated on the ball.
Thousands more have left in an exodus that remains largely invisible to most of the country, fixated on terror alerts and embedded TV footage.
In lyrical prose, Russell charts the natural history of the butterfly and describes how people become fixated with these beautiful, delicate creatures.
The American sculptor is fixated on the most hedonistic and decorative manifestations of eighteenth- and early-nineteenth-century European court culture, whose visual codes she seems to enjoy re-creating in her own cultural backyard, but in an increasingly poisoned and desiccated way.