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The battle centered on a simple five-sided blender jar that Dickson created literally during that holiday weekend, and it became a court case resulting in a multi-million dollar settlement.
A journalist, wearing slippers to protect the glass floor, stands in the 'Step into the Void' installation, a new five-sided glass structure at the top of the Alps, during a press visit to the Aiguille du Midi mountain peak above Chamonix.
This study was carried out to determine the effects of the screw sizes and board material type on the load bearing capacity and stiffness of five-sided furniture cases.
Milling from bar employs a 100mm thru-hole to feed bar stock to an indexer for five-sided machining so when the five sides have been completed, the part is automatically picked off the indexer and the sixth side is finished.
The Five-sided negotiations between Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Iran and Turkmenistan will be held in Baku soon.
The RSX, replacement for the eight-year old Integra, is the last model in the Acura lineup to get the five-sided grille, integrated headlights and taillights, and prominent nose badge that marks the offerings from Honda's premium division.
Featuring a swiveling spindle 0 deg to 110 deg, the machine provides five-sided machining with back working capability This allows for small and complex part processing in a single cycle.
Five-sided machining is possible using a manual swivel/rotary table and a 4th axis can be added with an optio nal CNC-controlled rotary table.
All these system allow for five-sided piece-part machining including compound angle holes, under an Indramat MT-CNC controlled system that facilitates last-minute product design changes and process capability demands.
The individual modules have five CNC axes - 3 linear and 2 rotary axes - providing full five-sided or five-axis simultaneous machining capabilities.
The four workholding units, mounted to planetary tables, are fixed tangentially on the indexing drum, permitting five-sided, single-clamp machining of workpieces.
Autobar combines SLIM with extra-thin, five-sided in-mold labels (IML) that it also developed.
Capable of five-sided drilling, Longitudinal and transversal grooving, routing of vertical pockets as well as internal contours, and dowel insertion, the BHT 500 is automatically set up within 20 seconds.
With a work envelope of 63x63x47" (X, Y, Z), speed, and five-sided machining and turning capabilities, the UniSpeed 5 offers versatility with its ability to reduce inprocess times.
It has a work envelope of 63"x63"x47"-X, Y, Z and five-sided machining and turning capabilities.