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The Chamonix Skywalk is a five-sided glass structure installed on the top terrace of the Aiguille du Midi (3842m), with a 1,000 meter drop below, where visitors can step out from the terrace, giving the visitors the impression of standing in the void.
That new product was a five-sided glass jar, something no one else in the industry had thought of or tried.
It was shown that the deflection of one corner of a five-sided case could be estimated by means of the expression;
The ICON features four cutting stations and can produce five-sided machining with four-axis interpolation.
It has a work envelope of 63"x63"x47"-X, Y, Z and five-sided machining and turning capabilities.
These five-sided prisms reflect light rays through a 90[degrees] angle by two reflections without inverting or reverting the image.
Autobar combines SLIM with extra-thin, five-sided in-mold labels (IML) that it also developed.
Capable of five-sided drilling, Longitudinal and transversal grooving, routing of vertical pockets as well as internal contours, and dowel insertion, the BHT 500 is automatically set up within 20 seconds.
Mid-cycle top-sheet dispenser brings tight five-sided protection to high-throughput stretch wrapping with overhead straddle-type machines, as well as traditional turntable wrappers.
The sally port connects the five-sided Fort Schuyler building to another part of the campus.
Mitford Castle near Morpeth is a Grade I-listed Scheduled Ancient Monument and is thought to be the only five-sided keep in England.
The castle is thought to be the only five-sided keep in England.
The five-sided structure unites three separate but linked office buildings into a single composition, organized around a 50m diameter courtyard, allowing permeable short cuts, while creating a clearly defined new public space.
Operated by the nonprofit Grand Canyon Association, it has much to recommend it: an impressive selection of books, phenomenal views out a five-sided bay window, historic photos as part of an interactive CD-ROM program, and an art gallery.
Graduates served as the handpicked strategists for both OEF and OIF, led our Air Expeditionary Wings, CAOC cells, Checkmate Divisions, and the entire Operations Directorate in the giant five-sided building .